Monday, March 9, 2015

Review: New Improved Kotex Pads

 Dear readers,

I received another pack of pads from Kotex again. You can read on my other reviews: Fresh Liner and Luxe. Any girl would be so grateful to have a supply of pads sent to her. I was given 3 items; 2 pads and a pantyliner. Their new and improved pads are specifically designed for extra confidence on heavy flow and against sudden gushes.

Thank you so much Kotex.

Size comparison between the 3 pads.

Kotex Overnight ProActive Guard (32cm) for heavy flow and overnight use.

Kotex Maxi Wing (24cm) for regular to heavy flow.

Kotex fresh Longer and Wider Daun Siri Liners for daily freshness.

I received the Maxi and Overnight ProActive Guard.

The improved Kotex pads have all new features for superior performance:
  • New! Rapid Absord Core - Helps to adsorb sudden gushes directly at the source for exceptional protection in any situation.
  • New! Micro-Dri Cover - Specially designed with more than 3,000 micro holes all over the pad to help absorb fluid from the surface quickly.
  • Infinity Lock System - New side barriers and deep channels that help provide all-round protection from leaks ad stains.
You can scan this QR code for more info and get your free samples or go to the website stated in the picture. They are all available at major retail outlets nationwide.

Tested on March 20th 2015
I love the Overnight ProActive Guard (32cm) the most. It provides the widest and longest coverage enough to last for 8 hours during sleep. All 3 of them are very comfortable, soft and airy. The pantyliner is almost like not wearing one.

Stay clean and fresh, girls!

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