Thursday, July 31, 2014

My Wedding Series: Wedding Day

OK so the big day has come. As a child I have always dream of having a fairytale princess wedding where I would ride into the ballroom on a pumpkin carriage by white horses. That's possible as rentals are available but as we matured money comes into our mind. I know this is a once in a lifetime moment but even a simple wedding can be memorable. But I did dress up like a princess with a Tiffany blue sparkling ball gown and princess jasmine type of dark blue long tailed dress. And I emphasized that I wanted a crown lol.

So here's a summary of preparations we did for our wedding.
* Note that this is a Chinese wedding and its not really traditional.

1. Book a venue at least 6 months before to secure your preferred place.
2. Come out with guest list after you succeeded booking a venue.
3. Book photographer and videographer 3-4 months before event.
4. Send out wedding invites 2 months before event.
5. Choose dress with bridal house 1 month before event.
6. Wedding car rental 2 weeks before event.
7. Confirm guest list 2 weeks before event and print any necessary plans such as table arrangement etc.
8. Pick up dress and other deco 1 week before event.
9. Pick up car and decorate 1 or 2 days before event.

And so we held our wedding on 2nd March 2013 at Sea Palace Restaurant.  Had no idea why we chose that day. Maybe coz it's an auspicious day for Chinese as it was still within Chinese New Year lunar month. We wanted around 10-11th April because 11th April was our first date and 10th April was our ROM.

Total we spent about RM30k for a simple wedding that includes prewedding photoshoot, restaurant, car rental, photographer, videographer etc. Here's roughly the agenda of our wedding day.