Friday, August 28, 2015

Europe: Day 9 (Netherlands again)

Dear readers,

We had such a great time in Belgium yesterday. The Grand Place is indeed very grand. Best to go during spring or Christmas or you will find the square empty. Anyway, today is the last day on the ground. We had a cruise ride through Amsterdam canals, learning how diamonds were cut in Gassan, fighting the freezing cold sea breeze at Volendam and learning how to make cheese and clogs in the factory.

Like the scene in The Fault in Our Stars. Goal achieved!

Europe: Day 8 (Belgium)

Good day my dear...

We are at our final city, Brussels before heading back to Amsterdam. Yesterday was a hectic but awe-inspiring day in Paris. We would definitely visit Paris again for Disneyland and Château de Versailles. Belgium is one of the most ignored country when one travels in Europe. Before this I only know Belgium is famed for chocolates ad waffles. Let's see what it has to offer...

And yes you can climb up to each "ball" of the Atomium.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Europe: Day 7 (France)


We are finally at the city of lights also known as city of love too. Unfortunately some of us call it scam city and we have a fair share of experience. Our time in Paris is short but we would certainly come again to visit more places. Today we will be visiting of course the magnificent Eiffel Tower, Place de la Concorde, The Louvre, exterior of Palais Garnier, Notre Dame and finally shopping at Galeries Lafayette. Lots of history for you in this article but if you wanna skip boring words there are always stunning photos. You might wanna check out what we did the day before but its not as exciting as Switzerland. Also click here to see how I spent a budget of RM8000 across 5 countries without staying at hostels.

Just to inform you, the night before this I checked my email and was shocked to find a huge CONGRATULATIONS! Then whatever feelings I had for Paris just faded away. Read all about my excitement here. Thank you MGTO and Nuffnang for sponsoring and I will blog on my next trip soon. Macau here I come!

Some say its the most romantic place on earth. You never know until you stand in front of Eiffel for the first time. Its like love at the first sight. You will be amazed how grand it hovers before you. Fields are empty during this winter time but Parisians will crowd for picnic here once its summer.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Europe: Day 6 (France)

Good morning or can I say bonjour!

Just for recap, we visited Mt. Titlis and Lucerne yesterday. Our 6th day will be a very long day but short entry as we travel from Zurich to Paris by bus. The agency should have booked a cheap flight like Ryanair just like when we traveled from Seoul to Jeju via Eastarjet. On the bright side we get to see the countryside and vineyards along the way.

Despite looking chill I was freezing as hell while faking a smile outside of a rest stop.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Europe: Day 5 (Switzerland)

Good morning peeps!

Another exciting day to look forward. Just for recap we went to Titisee and Rhinefall yesterday. Today we will be touring around Switzerland visiting Mt. Titlis and Lucerne. Honestly I love Switzerland the most among all of the European countries coz it's such a laid back and relaxing country. Everyday feels like Christmas here. One tip for u is to use Swiss Franc even though Euro is accepted here due to slightly lower rate for Swiss Franc. If you are interested in other posts like budget, planning, summary and more you can check out all posts labeled "Europe" here.

A very tall real Christmas tree at Lucerne. I always emphasize on "real" coz we only display fake trees during Christmas here in Malaysia.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Europe: Day 4 (Germany)

Guten morgen liebling!

I was so excited for today coz I heard the location is as enchanting as a fairytale.We all know Germany has magical woods, villages that come out from storybooks and Disney-like castles. Best of all we get to see this in real life how awesome was that! Check out the previous post on Cologne Cathedral, Karl Theodor bridge and the gorgeous medieval Heidelberg castle.

 Lol me being so ss! But you really have to visit this place. Titisee is a very peaceful village that one might consider to retire at. The lake will be frozen in mid-winter but the weather is just nice for now. Surprisingly its warmer up here than on lower ground.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Europe: Day 3 (Germany)

Good morning readers!

Rise and shine! We were so excited to start a new day in Europe. Today's itinerary will be Cologne Cathedral and Heidelberg. I know it's only two major attractions coz the journey was very long and the sky became dark after 5pm. Not much can be done when it's winter. You can read about the day before in Amsterdam here.

The magnificent Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom) being the largest Gothic church in northern Europe and used to be tallest in the world was constructed in 1248.