Monday, October 13, 2014

Review: Kotex Luxe

Hello again, lovelies!

Today I will be reviewing about Kotex Luxe Ultrathin sanitary pad. Most of you will be like ewww... but don't worry I won't be showing anything disgusting here. Kotex Malaysia sent me sample packs of Kotex Luxe. It is their new and improved product so I'm very happy to receive them.

There are two types of samples sent by Kotex Malaysia; Kotex Luxe Ultrathin pad (24cm) and Kotex Luxe Ultrathin pad (32cm). I love their chic black packaging.

They are indeed very thin almost like a pantyliner. Let's see how much they can absorb. I change my pads every 5 hours or less depending on the flow. It is not hygienic to wear them for over 5 hours.

Can you see the honeycomb design? It is said to rapidly absorb and lock away fluid to help prevent back-flow. And the surrounding star contours? They are designed to help provide additional security and leakage protection. The blue area surrounding the honeycomb helps to keep your skin dry while the surrounding soft cotton surface helps to provide intimate care for your skin.

The sentences above sounded very advertorial coz I took them from the brochure. Let's see how true they claim to be after the end of this month.

Tested on November 11th 2014
At last my period came and I get to try on Kotex Luxe. What they claimed their product to be is true. In terms of comfort I did not feel itchy unlike my experience with my older brands. I did not sweat my butt off too because its quite airy. In terms of absorption its pretty good coz the top layer is dry at all times even with heavy flow. The length is super long which is great coz my pad will always be out of place when I sit or sleep.

Stay clean and fresh, girls!

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