Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Online Shopping: Summer Affaire

Disclaimer: This is not sponsored or requested but based on my personal review.

Hello again my dearies,

Just a month before I went on my summer getaway to Koh Lipe, Thailand I found a link to an online swimwear store from a Facebook link. This came at a good timing. Long ago I used to hate Facebook ads because they seemed so annoying but recent pop ups showed ads that are related to me and I find them useful. I guess Facebook has become smarter and smarter.

The online store is Summer Affaire. I only purchased 1 set of couple swimsuit but the quality is real good. It  costs RM89 for the whole set of 4 pieces. I remember buying a Schwarzenbach onesie few years back already costs almost RM100.

Items should arrive within 2-3 weeks after payment. Click here for Pre-Order Timetable.

The inner sponge is thick enough and comfortable so you don't have to insert extra padding. The bikini also comes with metal lining. Overall the support is good for Asian cup size.

Make sure to check Size Chart before ordering.

This design is available in pink and green but I ordered green because it matches with the sea and hubby wouldn't wanna wear pink.

 You can wear the outer piece in both ways; as a tube dress or a skirt.

Last but not least no matter what size you are you can always pull off a good swimwear as long as you know what suits you best. Stay sexy, girls!


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    1. Hi Janet, thanks for dropping by! Your support mean a lot to me.

  2. koh lipe is one in my list to travel...pretty place and you

    1. Hi Alia,
      Hope you visit the island someday. Its very beautiful I don't mind to go again


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