Monday, September 22, 2014

Online Shopping: PhatCulture

Disclaimer: This is not sponsored or requested but based on my personal review.

Dear loyal readers,

Today I will be doing a review on one of my favourite online store. I got to know about Phatculture from bloggers who mentioned about their ootd especially on Instagram. what I like about them is free shipping and free return. Besides that, you get good quality materials and cutting edge design for an affordable price. My first order was on 13th November 2013. Online vouchers redeemed are usually a discount of RM10 from your total amount. Do check out from time to time on their Facebook page and Instagram (@phatculture) for offers.

Before shopping with Phatculture I was a loyal customer of another online store since 2010 and stopped on 2012. Why I love them is because the apparels were cheap however I stopped purchasing because it was getting more and more expensive for materials which are not worth the price.

Anyway, here are the items I got from Phatculture and very satisfied with them:

(Electric Blue) RM35

Gold Metal Plated Belt RM29

Suede Origami Skort (Blue) RM55

Blue Lagoon Aviator Shades RM35

Online shopping can be risky but with thorough research on good reviews you can definitely give it a try. Order a cheap piece for the first time and see how's the service and quality before you purchase in bulks. Stay chic, fashionistas!

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