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Koh Lipe: Day 3 & 4

Good morning lovelies!

It's Day 3 at Koh Lipe which was the final full day we have. Day 2 was a blast and the snorkeling session was just a warm up. I would normally combine second last day and last day together coz there's nothing much on the last day but traveling home. I attached my video clip again at the end of this entry for you to enjoy. My heart was reluctant to get out of paradise.

We had ur breakfast by the beach this time. I thought of just ordering sandwich to avoid from puking on the boat again but had big breakfast in the end. Who could refuse bacon?

Today's package is exploring neighbouring islands including the famous black stone beach. Total hours is 4 and costs ฿1500 per boat. Islands included for today are Koh Yang, Koh Hin Ngam, Koh Adang and Koh Tarutao for lunch.

Off we go!

Gold bikini from Loveena Underfashion

It started pouring heavily the boat was so wet and filled with water that our captain has to scoop the water out. So why was everyone holding onto the rope in this picture? It was this point where everyone panicked. Our fellow friends and hubby went to swim in the ocean while I insisted to stay on the boat. The deep sea looked so rough. Later on the strong currents somehow washed them further and further off course. Everyone had a hard time swimming to grab the rope. Thank God they are safe.

This was the 2nd stop for today and the rain got lesser.

I bravely went down for a swim but still held on to the boat.

And so we landed on Koh Hin Ngam the black stone island. Actually I prepared a huge plastic bag t steal the rocks but after research beforehand it is known bad luck will come upon you if you take any stone from the beach. I think it's just a marketing gimmick to preserve the rocks. It is very very tough to walk on the stones coz they hurt your feet a lot. The land is also unstable you might slip and fall so do be extra careful and walk slowly.

The stones of glossy round shape at almost the same size will be glossier when hit by waves.

Actually it was very cold that I shivered all the time.

Next stop was the last non-beach snorkeling spot of the day. I felt this trip was shorter than yesterday's. I was feeding the fish with leftover bread I saved from my breakfast.

The fishes went helluva over bits of bread.

All of us got nibbled by the fish and it hurts I tell you!

this was the 2nd last stop of the day but I did not go down coz the water looks deep.

The water is so turquoise but also full of dried leaves and foreign material.

Finally, wlcome to Koh Tarutao, our lunch island. If you view the map, Koh Tarutao is a very huge island almost the size of our Penang. It is categorized as a national marine park.

Having lunch the survivor style. But seriously, The Survivor Thailand 2002 was filmed at Koh Tarutao.

Meet my new little crabbie friend I called it Hermit. I even brought it back to our resort but hubby forced me to release on the beach. It's the right thing to do but I wish I could have brought him home.

Nice beach but sand at Koh Lipe was softer. There were like hundreds of tourists at the other side which is behind my hubby but did not take picture coz already kept my camera on the boat and played in the water for like half an hour.

We came back at around 4pm and check into our beachfront rooms. It wasn't as nice as the garden villas. This dog came and made everyone happy. However she is not Mali the dog which this resort is named after. You can watch the resort tauke playing with Mali here.

Beachfront villa is not as nice as the Balinese garden villa. They must be the first phase of Mali esort so I don't recommend you to book this. The price is the same as the Bali style bungalows.
Our group having teatime snacks at my patio. I ordered pasta coz beh tahan the strong smell of the cheese our tauke niau was having last night. I was smelling it when I waited hubby taking pictures of stars. It was damn tasty.

Yeah I know I look funny. Laugh all you wan. I was experimenting on retro fringe.

We spent the most of the early evening taking fun pictures.

After that we decided to explore an unknown road to find a way to sunset beach.

Whoa this resort looks so tropical and tranquil but no idea what's the name. You will feel lazy to walk up and down to your room though. We arrived at this place after asking a few locals and walked some muddy paths.

We arrived at Sunset beach after feeling like we were lost. Seriously there's a porn resort here. Actually porn means powdered coconut or fruit in Thai. It is also a common Thai name.

Porn resort looks so deserted like it's abandoned. Well, most of the resorts here at Sunset Beach looks abandoned coz this is not a happening area hence lesser tourists.

 The sky wasn't good for a beautiful sunset. It was so gloomy.

The couple dogs are the stars in this picture. Unintentionally, they photobombed us.

We had dinner at Raklay Thai and Seafood Restaurant. It was so packed with tour groups.

I believe the long cylinder shellfish is called razor clam.

Each of us had a big prawn. The lemony coloured sauce was sweet, sour and very spicy.

We then went for souvenir hunting at Walking street. Here is where we bought most of our souvenirs because it was cheap.

Wooden board games looked so interesting.

Your truly hanging by the verandah enjoying sea breeze and the stars. How blissful can this be? It's kinda sad this was the final night of our trip.

It's Day 4! Woke up in the morning to find my dear friend outside the door waiting for a belly rub. I miss her so much.

Last sunrise we saw here. Never mind, we will surely be back.

Enjoy my last big breakfast. I shall miss the double toast, quadruple bacon, double egg, double slices of pineapple and watermelon and!

Number to board our speedboat. So remember to line up according to your number . I had a good time laughing at those who got chased behind wakaka...

We reached our tour agent which arranges our transport. We also requested for a quick 2 hour tour in Hatyai which costs about 60 baht each.
Our tour guide brought us to this titbits center.

This was outside of Central Festival which is like I AMSTERDAM sign. Talking about Amsterdam...I am coming and will be looking for the sign in December!!! Can't wait!!!
Welcome to Central Festival.
Can you see the white thing in the top middle pic, we have to go through security check like airport departure before entering the mall. Too much bombing happened here
The teriyaki pork is super delicious but the curry pie is disappointing. No curry taste at all. Just salty savory taste.

Some of my hauls of this trip. So long and see you in Europe on December 2014.

Lastly, here's my video. Click on HD and Enjoy!

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