Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Review: Kotex Fresh Liner


Kimberly-Clark sent me another Kotex sample to and it's been stored in my closet for a few months already. Time to write my pending reviews. Few months ago I received Kotex Luxe and wrote a review about it and this time its Kotex Fresh Liner. The difference between pads and pantyliner is pad is used during our period while the latter is used after our period or anytime when there's discharge.

Thank you, Kotex!

 There are 2 types of liners with 3 pieces each in this sample pack.

 The plastic wrapping is Fresh Plus Liner while the soft paper wrapping is Fresh Liner.

I like the pretty pattern on the surface that resembles a fern. It is to enable air circulation for the V-zone. Fresh Plus Liners also offers 3 times more protection from bacteria, yeast and odour.

The Fresh Liners contain betel leaves (daun sirih) extract which can deodorize and conceal unpleasant smell. The shape of Fresh Liner is designed to follow the shape of our body part for better comfort. Pantyliner is known to often slip out of place easily but this circular design is to make sure it stays.

Overall in my opinion both are very soft and have good absorption. They stay dry and in place even after 5 hours. It is recommended to change your pad or pantyliner regularly.


  1. they look quit big tho. ahahaa :) Congrats for being choosen to Macau :) hehehe

    1. Hi Mek Zumbie,
      Terima kasih byek2! Yup agak besar jugak hehe...


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