Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dream Trip to Macau: Winners Announcement

Hello my dear loyal readers!!!

I can't believe my eyes when I checked my email. Referring to my previous entry, I am now celebrating hubby's birthday in Europe. It's already 12am here in Paris and I intended to sleep earlier coz I'll be touring the city of romance tomorrow but I was over excited! My excitement for Paris has gone all of a sudden and this is weird. Now I'm more eager for Macau coz I've been working so hard on the previous post entitled Dream Trip to Macau. Arggghhh!

Congratulations also to the other 2 winners Melvin Paul and Gollumpus.

Big big thank you to Nuffnang and Macau Government Tourist Office!!!

If you want to read the winning post for the contest you can click on Dream Trip to Macau. I really didn't expect to be selected among other two winners. The result announcement is here.

Btw here's what I have captured for the past week. I hope its clear enough coz pictures by cellphone only.

At the top of Mt. Titlis, Switzerland.

Selfie in Chapel Bridge, Lucerne.

Leisure stroll with the ducks at Lake Titi, Germany.

Remarks: I am aware that photograph and filming of Eiffel Tower light up at night is not permitted but this is NOT for commercial use and only for personal memory and back up in case my phone crashes which is very common.

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