Thursday, March 26, 2015

Review: Bene Italian Kitchen, Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel

Happy Throwback Thursday!

Before I start blogging about my Dream Trip to Macau, I am eager to share with you on Bene Italian Kitchen located at Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel, Cotai Central. A huge gratitude to Sheraton Grand Macao for providing us a 2-course lunch at Bene Italian Kitchen. It was a wonderful semi fine dining experience. If you are looking for a traditional Italian homely dishes with cozy environment, Bene is the place for you.

 You can easily come across Bene at the shopping area on ground floor.

There are two sections in the restaurant with the first being a dim lighted contemporary rustic interior creating an intimately romantic ambiance.

Cross the passage as you enter into another dining hall...

 Second section is brightly lit from natural sunlight for casual dining and this is where we were seated.

Our table is concealed with see through curtains for a cozy mood. This section has a modern chic look with all those classy chandeliers.

 The 2-course menu.

This lovely rosemary infused bread and crackers is served with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

 Followed by minestrone soup that we think is one of the nicest we had.

Choosing my main course.

I was informed that appetizer is served in a buffet style so let's explore the antipasto bar!

 The salad counter. I'm not a fan of tomatoes but I personally love the Panzanella salad which consists of Tuscan tomato and chunks of bread.

I'm in love with the fresh pasta too. I read that Bene makes their own pasta.

 More beans and salad to satisfy vege lovers. Even non-vege lover like me is intrigue by so much variety.

Impressive choice of appetizers in buffet style is not what I anticipated. From my past dining experience, I expected just a serving of starters. I was greeted by friendly staff and chef who explained to me some of the appetizers on the counter.

 Display of sausages, salami and other types of ground meat.

Spread a toast with your choice of topping. Pumpkin bruchetta is delicious. Oh, don't forget to take the crispy crust oven baked pizza.

Chef working his magic on the thin crust pizza.

I especially love the fried rice ball.

Foodporn when I finally came back to my table.

This is my first helping. I went for a second round later on and took more cous cous and Panzanella salad because I just can't get enough of them.

I had grilled lamb chop with mint balsamic sauce. Well, that's what written on the menu but I don't see or taste mint. There are two slices of potato wedges beneath the juicy lamb. Overall, the meat was tender and grilled to perfection.

Hubby had red snapper fillet and charred baby green beans with almond marjoram pesto. The fishy smell can be further reduced. The green beans were perfectly crisp. Overall I feel the mains could be served with a little more interesting and fulfilling portion.

3-course meal would include these lovely cravings.

If you are having 2-course meal and couldn't resist the desserts you ca actually upgrade with a small amount of payment.

 Leaving Bene delighted with a smile. I would recommend to guests of Sheraton or anyone who shops around Venetian and looking for a relaxing fine dining experience.

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