Thursday, April 9, 2015

Review: Macau Tower 360° Café buffet dinner

Hey, peeps!

Today I will be reviewing Macau Tower 360° Café's buffet dinner. 360° Café is located at level 60. Opens daily serving lunch buffet (11:30am - 1pm and 1:30m - 3pm) , tea set (3:30pm - 5pm) and dinner buffet (6:30pm - 10pm). Lunch priced at MOP258, tea set at MOP178 and dinner at MOP363. The meal prices include entrance to observation lounge. International buffet is served with mainly Chinese, Fusion and Portuguese dishes.

This is what I call dining with a view.

There were so many dishes so some are good and some are not to my taste. Overall most of them are worth trying. You got to drop by 360° Café to experience yourself. The sky dining environment is beyond words for the view is so breathtaking. Here are some pictures to feast your eyes.

Endless variety of Macanese, Portuguese and international spread.

Seafood counter

Love the smoked salmon

 I forgot was it beef or lamb on the skewers but they were delicious

Salad bar

Portuguese blood sausage

Braised chicken with olives and sweet pepper

Mussels with spinach and chickpeas

The lamb look so tasty and juicy

Steamed sole fillet with lemon and shrimp in butter  sauce

 Beef tenderloin filled with mushroom, spinach and truffle juice

Porcini and rosemary crusted pork tenderloin with balsamic glaze

Crispy fried bean curd with mixed seafood curry

Portuguese Feijoada with shredded pork

Ooohhh! Desserts!

They were all delicious and appealing.
The restaurant takes about an hour to complete a full rotation. So don't worry, you won't feel nauseous at all.

I think it's a type of whelk that is same family as escargot. However I can't stand the after taste.

Last but not least are desserts. The mousse in the cup were quite sourish due to citrus and berry flavour.

Hubby was full already but what I'm trying to show here is the view you get while dining. Isn't that spectacular?

Love the magnificent view.

First helping

Second and third and more rounds

Desserts and Macau's signature Portuguese egg tart.



  1. Hello, may i know where did you book macau tower buffet dinner? Any info is appreciated. Thanks :)

    1. Hi Junius Sandy,
      My agency booked for me upon winning the contest. However you may refer to their contact here for reservation:


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