Monday, January 2, 2023

Bhutan: Itinerary and Budget

Hello there, fellow wanderlusters! Long time no see!

After more than 2 years of not flying internationally since January 2020 we finally made it! Actually we were supposed to visit Dubai on New Year's Eve to countdown 2023. We already booked the super expensive and one of the tallest hotel in the world (prices skyrocketed on that season) but had to cancel due to the lack of flights and super expensive tickets. I was sad for a moment then hubby found a tour while scrolling Facebook. He said why not we go to Bhutan.... I answered YES in a heartbeat! It's been known for being an exotic country and limited tourists. You can't just explore there by yourself, you are required to take a tour package. Hence it became our birthday trip for us December babies.

After an hour of pony ride and lots of hiking of about 2 hours we made it halfway to viewpoint of Paro Taktsang also commonly known as Tiger's Nest.

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Review: Julyme Perfume Hair Essence

Hey beautiful! ūüíá‍♀️

As you know for the past 2 years since the pandemic we hardly go to salon for hair treatments. I only went twice to cut and perm my hair. The perm was damaging so I was looking for the right hair repair product for my excessive split ends. Well, I finally found an easy to use hair essence by Julyme. Thanks to the deep moisturizing effect of Julyme Perfume Hair Essence my hair is soft and silky all day. Did I tell you I absolutely love the 7 scents too?

I'm also in love with the sleek metallic packaging. The modest size makes them even more travel friendly. I usually don't pack hair care products for travel but now I do!

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

My Lasik Journey with Optimax

Voucher available at the end of this article. Anyone can save the photo containing voucher code and show to any Optimax branch in Malaysia to get a thorough eye test done. 

Hey y'all,

It's been a very long while. Do you miss me? Silly question right? After rehab from social media I realized nobody cares anyway...but there are some angels among my friends who really care. I love you all so much and I'm very touched. You know who you are.

Ok back to topic of the day. I had wanted to restore my eyesight for years however anxiety about risks and budget had stopped me. Hubby brought his parents to Optimax for booster at the beginning of this year. So after much research, reviews and waiting for our major renovation to be done I finally decided that it's time to ditch the glasses after 20 years of wearing them. 

Do comment if you wana see before and after house tour ;)

Not only does glasses make my face oily all the time they also made my nose bridge uncomfortable hence always sneezing. Whenever people ask me to see something quickly I'll be missing out because I would be cleaning or taking a break frm glasses. And oh the fog everytime come out of the car. My fellow four eyed pals would know the feeling. Contact lens are a nightmare after wearing them for long hours. My eyes turn red everytime I wear contacts. Had to blame myself for wearing expired ones sometimes

Enough of story telling lemme get straight to the point. The branch I went to was Optimax Penang. I made an appointment through Miss Lim Soo Lee via phone call one week ahead. You can also make an appointment by dropping a DM via Optimax Facebook page.

The appointment would be an eye examination consisting various screening such as moisture level, eye pressure, cornea thickness, night vision, astigmatism and so on. It's not your usual eye test to make specs. You will also have consultation with optometrist who will suggest suitable procedure for your eye correction. You have the choice on whether to proceed or not.

Important things to remember before the eye test

1. No contact lens a week before test

2. No eye make up or any powder on eye exam day.

3. No perfume, hair spray or any chemical spray on eye exam day.

*Best is not to wear contacts and make up for a week like I did. I also never put on perfume, deodorant, hair spray or hair gel in my life (except photoshoot or my own wedding which was ages ago) so that won't be an issue. 

Eye Examination Day

2 hour eye exam including consultation with optometrist Brenden Goh from 10:30am -1pm

Part 1

Test eye power, cornea thickness, eyeball shape, curvature etc and then take a break. Your optometrist will put several eye drops from two bottles which I had no clue what they are. Drops from second bottle sting a little but only last a minute. You will have blurry vision for the rest of the day so do assign a driver or e-hailing service. I wasn't sure the purpose of the eye drops. I think it has to do with night vision test.

Part 2

Counseling and explanation. Your guardian or spouse allowed to be present. Your optometrist will explain about the procedure that is suitable for you, the risks, the process, eye care and answer all your queries. If you agree on a procedure you will sign consent form. Custom Femto Lasik was the best procedure for me. Next was astigmatism exam and confirm your eye power. After all is done comes the bill and surgery appointment. You will only have to pay for the eye exam. They didn't even collect surgery deposit till your surgery day. Doctors are available either Wednesday (Dr. Edwin) or Friday (Dr. Lee) for Penang branch. I chose Friday regardless of who my surgeon is because I have faith in them after countless of 5 star reviews. 

One of the consultation rooms and my husband.

Here are my results. My eyes are healthy and fine apart from near sighted.

This was taken about 10hrs after that eye drop. My face was under bright LED light but my pupils dilate. I felt dizzy and blurry even with glasses on. Hubby said I have temporary cat eyes. So that explains why I couldn't read anything near at all with my glasses on. I felt more comfortable without them. It slowly went back to normal after 24hrs.


Normal price for the eye exam is RM360 but I'll attach a voucher for you at the end of this article.

Surgery Day

Remember to adhere to the practice just like before eye exam: No contacts, no make up, no perfume and chemical spray until your surgery day. Bring sunglasses, hat and warm clothing.

Finally it's Friday! Since we are still at the end of pandemic and this is literally a hospital, every patient is required to undergo RTK Antigen test at 9:30am for RM120.

Unrelated info this is my first ever covid rapid test. My nose finally lost it's virginity! Of course it came out negative as I'm confident I am immune but that's another story.

           Final hour wearing my glasses.

After lunch, I went back to Optimax at 3pm for the non-invasive surgery. This time I had butterflies in my stomach. Waiting time was long as there were so many patients around. Optometrist Pavithiraa assisted me this time. She was very calm and friendly. Basically everyone there is friendly. She reconfirmed my eye power again and put some eye drops.

Here comes the ultimate bill $$$. My Custom Femto Lasik costs RM9300. You can make zero interest installment on your credit card up to 24 months. Huge thanks to my mum for the sponsor and big shoutout to hubby for taking care of me for the entire month.

Around 4pm nurse Amira called my name to the changing room. She emphasized that hairclips, hairpins and hair scrounge are forbidden during surgery. I think it's due to the pull that might incur on your forehead that will affect your nerves. So do not tie your hair!

After changing, leave your belongings in the locker. You will be seated on an armchair along with another patient in the waiting room. Nurse Amira then wiped my eyelids, dropped the numbing solution into my eyes, gave a bag of eye drops and antibiotic and explained after surgery care. Next I eventually met Dr. Lee! She is a friendly but no nonsense woman so do not try to panic or cry or do anything funny. She checked my eyes with a device, went into the surgery room to get the machine ready and within seconds I was called in! 

During surgery

Sorry no photos here. I went into a huge room with an enormous machine. There were about 3 or 4 nurses assisting Dr. Lee. Next I lay on the wide bed and after adjustments I was ready for surgery. As I said it was non invasive. No blood and gory stuff. 

Dr. Lee started with my right eye by placing more eye drops and a clamp. Throughout the entire process I couldn't feel a thing so whatever I'm typing now was just guessing. My left eye was open but covered with a piece of black shield. I was told to look into the bright green dot that was surrounded by bright white lights for 20 seconds. Then she placed a suction device on my right eyeball. It was to suck up the layer of cornea so that a flap could be created. Then I think a semi circle was cut on my cornea. It's just a very thin layer. After opening the flap Dr. Lee said from now on my vision would be blurry. Next I was told to look straight into tiny dots of moving red lights which I assume they were laser and countdown 20 seconds. This time I could smell like somebody having BBQ. All those who done before smelled the same thing. Your eyes are barbequed lol. Next she sprayed some eye drops and placed back the flap and repeated the same process on my left eye. The entire process was so quick! I could immediately see the entire room after the procedure although lights appeared to be harsh.

After changing back into my clothes hubby immediately drove me home to recuperate. 


So how do I feel right after surgery? A little discomfort on the eyeballs like you have dry contact lens on. Dr. Lee told me to sleep for 5 hours after surgery. I read that you will feel more pain as the numbness goes off in a few hours. So after I dropped some antibiotics, artificial tears and put on my eye shield I popped a ponstan (painkiller) before going to sleep because a YouTuber said you might feel like chopping onions as soon as you wake up so do pop a painkiller. From a scale of 1 to 10 I would say it was a tolerable 5. Many patients weren't taught on how to put on eye shield correctly. I had to watch YouTube tutorial too. So the picture above shows the correct way of putting the shields. It's damn simple.

Here's my goody bag
Antibiotics which I religiously put one drop for each eye 4 times a day. You can divide your timing accordingly. Mine was 9am, 1pm, 6pm and 10pm. The antibiotics have to be discarded after a week regardless of any leftover.

 Artificial tears one drop at a time whenever your eyes feel dry.
It wasn't so bad after all. I could see clearly with my right eye however my left is taking a longer time to recover. Still felt like I have -0.50 power on my left eye. I shall give it 2 months.

Post surgery

You have to go back to Optimax the next day for check up. Next appointment would be one week later then one month, 3 month and 6 month. All check ups are free till the 6th month. You are required to come for annual check up for RM100 to keep your warranty in case another corrective surgery needed. Ms. Pavithiraa handles my post surgery check up. I told her about my left eye and she said it will take time to heal as it has only been 24 hours. Dr. Lee examined me too and said my left eye was very dry and to drop artificial tears often.


 Here are some of the queries I remembered from optometrist Brenden.

1. Dryness 

It is well known that the procedure could cause dryness in eyes for a long period of time. Before I had this procedure I never carry eye drops in my bag. Now I have to drop artificial tears several times a day but that's better than wearing contacts.

2. Glaring 

Our eyeball has a bulge in the middle. After surgery, surface will be flat. Therefore you will experience poor night vision. In my case, I might need night glasses to minimize the glaring while driving. Some might see halo some might see starburst. This is a side effect you have to think about.

3. Relapse 

A relapse is unlikely for my case because the power for both eyes aren't that high. As long as you don't do hardcore activities that might harm your eyes then you're good to go. If you ever have a relapse Optimax will arrange a corrective surgery for free provided you don't miss your annual check up.

4. Other risks 

Every surgery has it's risk whether it's invasive or non invasive. I suggest to consult your optometrist on this as I ain't qualified to explain anything here. Trust me you will be more relieved than regret after the procedure.

5. Healing 

It could take months for your flap to fully heal and restore perfect vision. You can wash your face and take a bath right after surgery but do be gentle. Avoid using soap or roughly spray water directly on your face. No eye make up, spa, facial and hairstyling for a month.

You will be able to drive, view monitor, phone and watch TV the next day. Wear sunglasses for a week. Outdoor activities such as swimming and cycling preferably a month later. Avoid hardcore activities like football, tennis, paintball, horse riding, sky diving or anything that could impact your head for another month. Even if you do you can't go blind lol. The flap could distort if you are injured but can be corrected again.

6. Worst case scenario

The only possibility is blur vision but that is if there's misalignment to your flap so do not rub your eyes or do any rough activity that could injure them. It can be corrected FOC by your doctor. Lol you won't turn blind and Final Destination is total fiction. Irl the machines are well calibrated and of course there are safety measures. You will be surrounded by so many nurses on standby.

Another goodie bag I received, wipes more artificial tears and vouchers.

Simply printscreen or save this photo and show to any Optimax branch in Malaysia to get your eyes checked. It's unlimited! Your friends and family can use this code too.

Update after 1 week. My left eye still a little blurry. Both eyes still has power -0.25. Optometrist said the tissue hasn't fully healed. Dryness might be causing it. This I agree. I no longer put antibiotics and was advised to drop artificial tears every 4 hours.

Monday, November 29, 2021

Pulau Perhentian: Itinerary and Budget

It's been a while fellow travelers!

Lockdown after lockdown has restrained us not only from traveling but daily chores as well. Frontliners, small businesses, parents, students and more are suffering this never ending battle. Just as the entire world is vaccinated along with booster, comes another concerning variant. Malaysia had another lockdown from June till about September this year. Freedom privileges are given to those who completed their vaccination so my reckless travel bug gotto take the chance while still can. I predict we might have another lockdown in 2022 but we'll see how. Usually my predictions come true. 

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Review: Nature Republic's Green Derma Mild Cica Serum

 Hey beautiful!

It's mid 2021 already but some of us are still struggling with this whole pandemic thing. Malaysia has undergone lockdown for God knows how many times and it's never ending. Before blaming any party ask yourself first have you done your part? Are you disciplined enough to practice the SOP? Okay enough of ranting...I've been ranting for a few posts now. Amidst all the hardship, I thank God my life is still great. I have stopped accepting product reviews since my dad's passing in 2018 due to my emotional roller coaster. But now I'm slowly picking up again. Big thanks to Nature Republic for sending amazing skincare to rescue my skin from the effects of wearing face mask.

I always envy how Koreans have such baby soft supple skin. Furthermore our tropical hot and humid climate making my skin irritated too often. Now I worry no more thanks to Green Derma Mild Cica Serum by Nature Republic.

Friday, January 1, 2021

Review: Top View Restaurant at The Top Komtar

 Happy Birthday to me!!!

Not really excited about getting older but grateful I've made a circle around the sun safely figuratively speaking. Hubby made a reservation for Top View Restaurant through TableApp a week before my birthday on 19 Dec (Saturday). He made some requests directly with a WhatsApp number that has The Top logo so we assumed we were speaking directly with The Top management. Everything was smooth and we got email confirmation.

This isn't our God damn table even though we requested a week beforehand!

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Review: Cavilla Eyelash Serum

 Hey, beauties!

How are you coping with the pandemic? Everything seems uncertain but life must go on with new norm. Cooking and ordering food almost everyday, less gathering, local travel, sanitize and Mask On! Gotta get used to it. I'm doing fine so far and enjoying every bit of it. Spend most of my time learning new cooking tips, self pampering, doing nothing on the couch, online shopping like nobody's business, binge watching Korean drama till I fell head over heels with oppa, stalking and "harassing" my oppa's social media, designing my new home...we'll get to that in a few months.

Ok, I need to get back on topic. Few months ago I got myself two 6ml bottles of Cavilla Eyeash Serum after reading some good reviews. I'm not sure if this is a placebo or some direct selling stuff that got influencers promoting them but I just purchased 2nd batch of the serum to give it another shot.

Update about 3 months later...Wow! My lashes has never been this long even with mascara.

Monday, June 29, 2020

The Banjaran Hotspring Retreat Staycation

Hello fellow explorers!

As you all know by now there's a Covid-19 pandemic happening worldwide. We were under lockdown for about 3 months plus. I have gotten so tired of cooking daily. At times I feel depressed and questioned our existence. Don't we all? Finally grace upon God's blessing Malaysia have overcome the pandemic. Not to say 100% but we are in a safe zone for now. You can't imagine how happy we were when our borders reopened and we could dine and shop like before. You still gotto mask on, register before entering any business premise and sanitize frequently. That's our new norm.

The Banjaran Hotspring Retreat is one of the super exclusive resort in Malaysia. Phenomenal experience here! Bear in mind this is an all adult resort. Children below 12 not allowed, not even at the restaurant. Peaceful indeed =)

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Review: Derma roller

Hey beauties!

I know I know it has been way too long since my last beauty review. Have you heard of derma roller? I have recently come across a tool that I didn't know existed. Many beauty gurus have given good reviews and shared benefits of derma roller. It is said to reduce if not eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, pimple marks and even cellulite. Depending on the needle length you choose, each serves their own function to regenerate new skin cells. Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm very new to this.

There is no specific brand to use. I simply search for derma roller on Lazada and bought whatever's available.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Bangkok: Itinerary and Budget

Hey beloved wanderlusters,

Never have I thought to be able to countdown 2020 in another country. It's so last minute. All bookings were done at such a peak season so it's not the best price but we had to do it on a tight budget as we aren't supposed to go for any more trips after Turkey. This is because our new home is completing real soon. The rapid progress is way ahead of time.

This is hubby's first time to Bangkok but certainly not my first so I strive to be a good tour guide for him. This entire trip is supposedly free and easy so the itinerary below is only a guideline.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Top 10 Haunted Hotels I Have Stayed

Happy Halloween!

Muahaha I'm so excited when it comes to paranormal topic. As I was busy finding hotel for my next trip, I did some background check as well then thought how come I never share my haunted hotel list. As my travel experience grew, I always try my best to never book hotels that have some unwanted stories behind. Most haunted hotels were booked in my early days where I don't care as long as there's a place to stay.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Turkey: Itinerary and Budget

Dear readers,

It's been a year since I last touched this blog. A sad tragedy has fallen upon our family last year. My father passed away on May 5th 2018 and I secluded myself from the world. Losing a loved one has made a deep impact in our lives. The scar will never heal but we must go on living. There's not a day pass without thinking about dad. There isn't something I do or somewhere I land my feet on without reminiscing the past. Time did not do justice.

Anyway I am here to share with you about my anniversary trip to Turkey with my husband. We have recently celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary and 15 years since our first date.

Monday, March 18, 2019

CuboPark @ Chusan Penang

One word: Horrible

Venue: Cubopark is an open air concept park with containers served as stalls and food outlets perceived as a very instagramable place.

Long story short: Photography not allowed. Anyone holding DSLR will get screwed. Person in charge (a bit tanned, short and plump lady) holding walkie talkie spied on us even after we had dinner. Scared us from behind when hubby took out camera again. She said she has been watching us. Surrounding people thought we are criminals.
Got humiliated af.
Bad management.
No signboard saying dos and don'ts.

The Long Story:

She said we should have written letter to the management but we kept telling her we are not here for commercial photography. We are just a couple taking pics of eachother like everyone else. C'mon la we are doing free publicity for you. Our friends have been asking about the place but now we can just tell them not to go. Waste time.

We never experienced such humiliation before. Even when we brought DSLR to Queensbay Mall, Gurney plaza, Gurney Paragon, premium outlet, KLCC cos u know there are events at concourse area to shoot but we were never questioned about our DSLR. We don't bring tripod or take photos in the shops or bring into cinema cos we know the rules well enough.

As you can see from our travel photos in this blog, famous malls like Harrods, Lafayette, Grand bazaar and several more did not chase us out either. We also entered without hassle into numerous museums, mosques, churches, temples, castles, palaces (without tripod of course).

We were always welcomed with open arms and friendly smiles and some caretakers/guards/management even gave tips for the best view. They told us they were happy we are promoting them. But Cubopark being open space PARK (obviously) ambushed and made us feel so unwelcomed we had to run to the doors. So immediate that I forgot to try the marshmallow dessert at Haru Hari cos we just had dinner at SYST and teabreak at Mango B. See, I'm not those kids who came just to take pics for their Ig. My purpose here was to try your food and take pics to review here....for FREE!

The reason why we brought a DSLR was we saw so many people taking pics with DSLR in Cubopark on Facebook and Instagram. My friend also brought her camera as well. So we thought since its a well decorated outdoor space that encourages phototaking there's nothing wrong with what I am doing. Why did I edit this post by putting the long version? Because I hope the management might one day stumble upon this lowly humble blog and see my clarification.

Contact me via Facebook:

Update: Around mid 2020 it has been closed down for good. It has been getting less and less patrons even without the pandemic and lockdown just acts as a catalyst to shut it down.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Hong Kong: Itinerary and Budget

Hey wanderlusts!

We finally meet again after a long hiatus. There has been a turmoil in my life recently and I felt like giving up. Nope I haven't reached to the point of suicide. At least not yet. Good news is we unexpectedly purchased another home but that also means we had to cut our spending to the max. Anyway to start fresh in 2018 hubby and I decided to go on a budget trip to Hong Kong for our 5th wedding anniversary as well as experiencing Lunar New Year at the happening city. We were supposed to countdown for New Year in Hong Kong but most hotels were fully booked or doubled the price so it wasn't worth it. 

Bear in mind this isn't exactly a backpacker's trip but if you really want to spend below RM2k it is possible with budget airlines and hostels.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Iceland: Day 12 & 13 (Back home)

Good morning!

It's time to go back home. It was a relaxing experience at the Blue Lagoon yesterday. If you are interested to know itinerary and budget for this trip click HERE.

 Blessed to have Northern Lights sending us home.

Iceland: Day 11 (Blue Lagoon)

Morning peeps!

Finally the day has come. We are heading to Blue Lagoon! For a recap, we toured around half of Snæfellsnes yesterday. If you are interested to know itinerary and budget for this trip click HERE.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Iceland: Day 10 (Snæfellsnes Peninsula)

Hey there peeps,

It's the third last day of our Icelandic adventure. We were so glad to finally step foot on Walter Mitty's little town yesterday. I purposely allocate some time and detoured to that shooting location. If you are interested to know itinerary and budget for this trip click HERE.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Iceland: Day 9 (Stykkishólmur and Kirkjufell)

Rise and shine peeps!

Our legs are still tired of the 8km walk in total to and fro DC3 plane wreck yesterday. If you are interested to know itinerary and budget for this trip click HERE.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Iceland: Day 8 (DC3 plane wreck and Reykjavik city walk)

Good morning again!

Gosh it's already Day 8 of our Icelandic adventure. What a fun time we had at ice beach and crystal ice cave yesterday though it was crowded as hell. If you are interested to know itinerary and budget for this trip click HERE.

Waited for the rainbow to appear but it was damn crowded!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Iceland: Day 7 (Jökulsárlón and crystal ice cave)

Rise and shine dearies!

Today we will be visiting the infamous ice beach lagoon. We visited Skaftafell National Park yesterday and it was an exhausting climb to get to the waterfall. You can find itinerary and budget for this trip HERE.