Thursday, September 18, 2014

Koh Lipe: Day 2

Good morning, paradise!

It is now day 2 and we are ready for island hopping. But first let's have a hearty breakfast. We had a nice sleep on last night because the night was so cold. Tonight is different because I suffered till I had to wake up. I had a severe sunburn till my whole body was heaty and felt like my skin was burning. I did apply lots of sunscreen with SPF50 but idk it did not work.Check out my entry on Day 1 for more information about our journey.

While waiting for breakfast, you can relax at the beautiful well maintained garden. Be sure to check out Mali Resort coz this is the best resort for me after visiting other resorts around the island. There are other 5 star resorts in this island that offers even more spacious suites and facilities but they are too pricey compared to Mali.

You can choose any set on the menu. We choose English breakfast everyday because we were greedy.

Look at the portion. Now you know why I puked on the boat. But couldn't resist coz bacon is like heaven in my mouth.

 Blue lagoon aviator shades from PhatCulture. It is unisex meaning can be worn by both male and female.

 I love my new shades from PhatCulture.

Couple swimsuit from Summer Affaire. I love that it is cheap that is below RM100 and you get 4 pieces of clothing. The quality is also very stretchy and thick. I don't have to insert more sponge in the bikini. 

Jumping on water is a fun shot. No caption needed for photos below. Just enjoy and plan your next trip here.

Flipping my hair like siau lang (crazy person) and this is just one of the dozens of trials.

Ok, we are done with photoshooting. It's time to rest and wait for our island hopping session.

We are going to embark on a journey to "Far Islands" today. Total cost is around ฿2000 per boat for 6 hours. Islands include Koh Rawi, Koh Phung, Koh Tong and Koh Rokroy for lunch. 

Here we go!

On the long tail boat.

The pak cik (uncle) who guided us for two days. Makasi, pak!

I call this the bird rock island coz the whole island is just a lump giant rocks with lots of birds.

No idea what is this rock called but it's quite famous because saw it printed on Koh Lipe postcards.

Some random mini  islands.

The first snorkeling spot was in the middle of the ocean and I was afraid to get down.

The 2nd spot was nearby a mini island and I felt safer.

Let go of both hands!

When we reached the 3rd snorkeling spot I was feeling nausea. I vomited the big breakfast out then decided to retire for the rest of the day. Note to self: always take medication no matter how egoistic I am.

And so I spent time taking pictures of hubby and our friends. Boy, the water looks incredibly deep.

This was the 4th spot but nothing much. They all look the same. Only the corals and fish below are slightly different.

This is the 5th spot and the first island we land on and I tell you it was the most beautiful island we have been on our trip.

This island is called Koh Rokroy. You definitely must request to your captain or guide to come here. It is very tiny but cleaner than other islands we have landed on and the water was super duper shallow like a wading pool and so clear you could see fishes swimming around you. Omg I'm exaggerating but can't help it.

We had our lunch here. It was prepacked by our hotel and billed to our room.

I told you it was amazing!

Look how shallow and clear is the water. I could soak all day here.

Everyone was practically walking lol.

After nearly an hour spent on paradise island, I was feeling so down we had to leave. I could have spent my lifetime there.

 6th snorkelling spot but did not go down coz too tired and water was deep.

Last stop and 2nd island we landed on was Monkey Island.

It's nice to relax and do absolutely nothing.

We returned for shower and change.

Hubby had fun taking pictures of the sunset as usual and I got my whole dress wet. It was all worth it.

It looks like a slightly big chihuahua.

We had dinner at Varin Beach Resort. Yeah we were intruders at another resort nearby but the food was the best among the other restaurants we went. The rice is unlimited, the water is free. It was super duper crowded. Initially we wanted to have dinner here the evening before but they only accept booking so we booked for today. So the next time you see lots of locals crowding a food outlet or stall means the food is good.

The middle one is called kaengsom. It is very keng and song till your tongue become numb and fire come out from your mouth! We did not know what to expect coz we simply ordered a famous set that everyone is ordering.

Fresh fruits after your meal.

We then went for a stroll at Walking Street. It's more happening at night.

 Hubby and new found buddies.

Nice seafood! We will have this tomorrow!

A lot of Thai lady pancake stalls.

We bought our supper from this stall.

End the night with hubby's favourite hobby, shooting the milky way.

I love love love this corner so much. Wish can renovate like this in our house but our dining area is already by the balcony. We should replace the glass top dining table and chairs with cushion lol....but that would be impractical.

                Don't forget to try mango sticky rice too when you are in Thailand. See you on Day 3!

A video of my Koh Lipe trip.

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