Monday, March 18, 2019

CuboPark @ Chusan Penang

One word: Horrible

Venue: Cubopark is an open air concept park with containers served as stalls and food outlets perceived as a very instagramable place.

Long story short: Photography not allowed. Anyone holding DSLR will get screwed. Person in charge (a bit tanned, short and plump lady) holding walkie talkie spied on us even after we had dinner. Scared us from behind when hubby took out camera again. She said she has been watching us. Surrounding people thought we are criminals.
Got humiliated af.
Bad management.
No signboard saying dos and don'ts.

The Long Story:

She said we should have written letter to the management but we kept telling her we are not here for commercial photography. We are just a couple taking pics of eachother like everyone else. C'mon la we are doing free publicity for you. Our friends have been asking about the place but now we can just tell them not to go. Waste time.

We never experienced such humiliation before. Even when we brought DSLR to Queensbay Mall, Gurney plaza, Gurney Paragon, premium outlet, KLCC cos u know there are events at concourse area to shoot but we were never questioned about our DSLR. We don't bring tripod or take photos in the shops or bring into cinema cos we know the rules well enough.

As you can see from our travel photos in this blog, famous malls like Harrods, Lafayette, Grand bazaar and several more did not chase us out either. We also entered without hassle into numerous museums, mosques, churches, temples, castles, palaces (without tripod of course).

We were always welcomed with open arms and friendly smiles and some caretakers/guards/management even gave tips for the best view. They told us they were happy we are promoting them. But Cubopark being open space PARK (obviously) ambushed and made us feel so unwelcomed we had to run to the doors. So immediate that I forgot to try the marshmallow dessert at Haru Hari cos we just had dinner at SYST and teabreak at Mango B. See, I'm not those kids who came just to take pics for their Ig. My purpose here was to try your food and take pics to review here....for FREE!

The reason why we brought a DSLR was we saw so many people taking pics with DSLR in Cubopark on Facebook and Instagram. My friend also brought her camera as well. So we thought since its a well decorated outdoor space that encourages phototaking there's nothing wrong with what I am doing. Why did I edit this post by putting the long version? Because I hope the management might one day stumble upon this lowly humble blog and see my clarification.

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