Thursday, June 11, 2015

Review: Wireless Mobilephone Monopod from TripHobo

Hey dearies,

I just received a wireless monopod for cellphone courtesy of TripHobo. Actually it was from a travel planning contest but I thought it would be interesting to write a review for all you tech savvy esp selfie lovers.

To charge, simply plug the white cable into an outlet on your laptop or you can use your cellphone charger. It might require frequent charging tho.

So happy to have won something from TripHobo.

 This is the maximum length it can go which is very long.

3 easy steps to use

Step 1: Assemble

Step 2: Switch on Bluetooth and pairing

Step 3: Take a selfie!
You don't have to set timer on your phone. Just press the button on the stick and smile ;)

This is one of the result with brightness adjusted. I was wearing shades to cover my sore eyes. I ain't good at selfie coz it's not my thing but this stick really makes it look like captured by someone else without elongating my arms.

About TripHobo
 TripHobo is a travel website and also a mobile app to assist users in planning their trip.

So here's how it works...

Here's my account where I created numerous travel plans for the contest but in the end I find it so easy and helpful. It even has a function where you just select your city and number of days then the program will automatically arrange for you. I have one plan in particular which I would like to execute.

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