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Japan: Fly with Cathay Pacific

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I have always loved flying. I love the experience and hospitality provided by the airline and crew and the thrill during take off. So here's a little bit about my experience with Cathay Pacific as it was my first time flying with this airline. Our destination was Kansai Airport, Osaka, Japan and the purpose was for business trip. We transited at Hong Kong International Airport then a short layover at Taoyuan International Airport in Taiwan which was not expected. You can read about my Taiwan blog here. News has it that Cathay Pacific no longer operates flights to Penang from March 2014 onwards but will still maintain flights to and from Kuala Lumpur.

My simple ootd at Penang International Airport. Blazer was bought in Taipei, laced blouse from a local mall and skinny jeans from Bukit Kayu Hitam. Call me cheapo but I don't fancy designer stuffs.

 Our tickets and documents.

 Makan McD dulu as our dinner.

 Aiseh businessman going on a business trip.

I'm just chillin'.

I prefer Singapore Airlines especially their entertainment system. We can't really choose the movie to play and pause whenever we feel like so. I ain't sure about other Cathay flights but ours was like watching normal TV. There weren't games, music and e-books too.

 Hubby reading papers.

 Ready for take off!

My omelet breakfast with strawberry yogurt. Food portion is smaller compared SIA but the taste was more delicious. 

Hubby's curry chicken rice for breakfast.

Arrived safely at Hong Kong. Looks like we were the only two transiting to Osaka.

The travelator is kinda long like in Incheon.

There are lots of duty free shops in this terminal. I remember we had like 2 hours to shop here.

The lounge upstairs looks so comfy and relaxing.

Some display. The panda ad is all over the terminal.

 A quick photo with the trishaw.

Here's our plane...I guess?

Our tickets to Japan like finally!

Better seats and clearer LCD than the one from PEN to HKG. Turn off was all the channels only showed dramas and documentaries.

When we saw that the destination was Taipei we got panic and thought we were on the wrong flight. Turns out they were making a stop at Taipei for drop off and pick up just like a bus. Rofl!
 For tea break, we had scrumptious ham and cheese bun with apple juice.

Welcome to Kansai!!! We landed at about 8:15pm. You must ride a short train to get to the arrival terminal. This entry will be continued on Japan: Arrival at Kansai International Airport, Osaka.

  After weeks in Japan, we had to leave with heavy hearts. 

Here's our ticket to Hong Kong.

 The plane that took us back.

The clouds were terrifying coz of the horrible typhoon that day.

 What a cute airplane named Peach.

Sayonara, Osaka!

Honestly, I ain't as happy as I look. Japan's the coolest country on the planet and I wanna stay so bad.

Up up we went into the typhoon clouds. The airport is a flat rectangular island on its own. If you go to Google Earth u can see hundreds of rectangular tiny islands at Kansai region. Kobe university is also on this type of man-made reclaimed island.

Had beef bulgogi whch got me realizing why Korean food?

 Hubby had ginger mushroom chicken.

 Love their salad. They gave real juicy and tender smoked salmon and a whole olive.

Arrived safely at Hong Kong for a 2 hour transit.

Your truly was very tired. The paper bag was filled with chocolates and Kit Kat.

I can't get enough of the lounge. Perhaps it was a private lounge for first class that we did not go up and simply barge in.

 Tickets for balik kampung.

Dragonair replaced Cathay Pacific for flights to Penang from March 2014 onwards.

 Sakura logo - China Airlines. Phoenix logo - Air China.

 Red tail - Hong Kong Airlines. Blue tail - No idea. Please feel free to enlighten me.
 Never seen before South African Airlines.

No doubt this is Air Canada.

 El Al Israel Airlines, another airline we have never seen before.

Ready for a stroll in the waiting line before take off.
 How come this looks a bit like the world map.

Gosh the seats are spacious! I believe we sat on an airbus because when we got off at Penang, we passed by the business and first class seats and they were large comfy cubes and there's a staircase leading to the second floor. Too bad we walked very quickly so there's no photo.

 For lunch, I had pasta while hubby had sweet ad sour fish fillet.

So enjoy!

So that's all for this post. Cross my fingers and pray that I shall review Etihad Airlines for my upcoming winter cum birthday trip for hubby this December. I know its not a humble thing to say but I sponsored RM10,000 for the next trip as his birthday present. Sometimes love is all that matters. All long as he is happy, I am happy. If you would like to know more about Japan do check out other entries with the Japan label.

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