Saturday, June 20, 2015

Japan: Arrival at Kansai International Airport, Osaka


This entry will be about my experience at Kansai International Airport from arrival to departure. As for flight experience you might wanna check out Japan: Fly with Cathay Pacific or simply click on the Japan label on the right side.

After about 10 hours of traveling including transit hours we finally arrived.
We rode a mini train for a few seconds to arrival terminal.

This was outside of Terminal 1. If you are staying outside of Osaka you might opt for limousine bus or Nankai Express at the station opposite here. If you are staying at Osaka you can just ride the Japan Rail (JR). You can also buy Kansai thru pass if you are traveling around the region; Kobe, Kyoto, Osaka, Nara etc.

Here's the limousine bus ticket counter. Since we will be staying at Itami, we could opt for Osaka Airport or Amagasaki. All ticket systems including trains go by price not destination so be sure to look how much your destination costs before purchasing.

This is the bus schedule. We bought the 9pm ticket. Let me emphasize that they are very very punctual so do not wander around after you purchased your ticket unless you have to wait like an hour but it is impossible coz the waiting time at most is half an hour.

Kansai airport to Osaka airport (domestic airport in Itami) costs ¥1900. From Osaka Airport, we took a cab to our hotel.

Wait at bus stop #8 if you are heading to these destinations. In our case,  our destination was Osaka airport. This should take 1 hour. Then the story continues to Japan: My life in Itami.

Time to go back
When we finally had to leave Japan, we had a terrible journey to the airport. It was mid of September and there was a bad typhoon in the morning. We have to run out of the hotel with 3 other friends to catch our train to Kansai Airport. The station in the picture was after we interchanged 2 trains.

 I have forgotten the name of this station. You can refer to How to ride a train in Japan.

The cost from Osaka to Kansai Airport.

After all we went through, thank God we reached the airport on time safely.

Check in business class coz we were on business trip...jk! The lady simply called us to her counter coz it was empty. Why la she didn't upgrade us.

The colour palette looks so fun and sweet and the escalator is super duper long.

At the top floor.

Remember to buy some of the Japan unique Kit Kat before you leave.

Don't know what's on the display but it looks like our flight number is inside.

Took a mini train to departure terminal.

This was our waiting hall.

Had dorayaki for breakfast.

Our plane to Hong Kong. The journey will continue in the following post.

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