Monday, June 22, 2015

Japan: My life in Itami

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Sorry for the very belated update coz i was busy organizing and packing for other trips. Anyway, here's how my life was at Itami during late summer 2013. I stayed in this outskirt area due to hubby's business trip. That's a great thing being a wanderlust wife haha...

The Hotel
We stayed at Itami City Hotel. I have explained about the rates and other details in Japan: Where to go in Japan? What I like about Japanese hotels are their bathrobe and automated toilet bowl that will turn into a Transformer anytime...jk. Breakfast is not provided for our room type but you can opt for it. It's unlikely for tourists to be in Itami coz there's nothing here except the small domestic airport and the huge AEON Mall. You can find other attractions here.

The Mall
Right outside of Itami JR station is AEON Mall. The size is about as big as Queensbay Mall in Penang. I didn't expect such a small district to be having a huge mall and the whole walkway is covered with carpet. So this was our hangout place almost every weekday. Like all Jusco supermarkets, the food and bakery will have clearance sale by 9pm so we would hang around the supermarket every night to hunt for cheap supper. The pre-cooked food, sushi, sashimi, bento, unagi, seafood and poultry are endless. Besides that, we also love the food court that offers variety of Japanese and fusion cuisine.

The Shopping Area
There is a shopping area called Viva Itami that has a long stretch of shops selling groceries and wet market as well as some supermarkets and authentic restaurants. Although it's a happening place, most shops close by 7pm. 

The Streets
Ahhh...the streets! What more can I say they were super duper clean I could lie on them. We walked daily through the lanes of Itami specialized for pedestrians and cyclists only. Bicycles are usually on the outer lane while pedestrians walk on inner lane with tactile paving for the visually impaired.


The Train Station
There are two train stations in Itami; JR and Hankyu. You can read about my other post Japan: How to ride a train in Japan.

The View
I love to take a picture outside my window every morning after hubby goes to work at 7:30am. If you are lucky, you will get to see blue skies with cotton clouds but most of the time it's gloomy because September was typhoon season. It's also fun to watch employees of all levels taking the bus or riding bicycle in suits. Really love their culture.

The Free Time
What do I do for the rest of the time? Eat, sleep, online, do some research on how to get to attractions, pampering myself and do nothing.


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