Monday, September 19, 2016

The Fujifilm X-perience: X-T2 Touch & Feel Session

Hello photographers!

Since hubby and I attended Fujifilm X-perience last year and found the event interesting we decided to attend again this year. Fujifilm X-T2 Touch & Feel session was held on 28 August from 2:30pm till 6pm at Kota Cornwallis Dine & Coffee. I feel last year's event at Royale Bintang was more exciting and garnered an overwhelming crowd. The speaker Ella Locardi was so inspirational that I thought of living the nomadic life too.
When Francis meets you a surprising combination of fusion food.

No entrance fees required into the fort for participants.

I heard the food here is super pricey atas version of our local cuisine. Unlike most hipsters cafes around Penang, this one serves halal food.

Oh, I didn't know the area is called The Esplanade Park. I still use the old school term of just esplanade or padang kota.

Registration counter.

Non Fujifilm user like me can also attend.

Attendees testing lens and gears.

Less goodies compared to last year. No memory card given too.

The event started at 3pm with product introduction by the first speaker, Siew Jun Han. He explained about the design, view finder, comparison with X-T1 to lock or release shutter or ISO permanently, shoot 4k video directly with film simulation and so on.

X-T2 has added more focus point thanX-T1. You can adjust focus point for convenient vertical shooting and increase frequency of AF search timing. X-T1 takes longer time to blackout for burst shooting. X-T2 minimizes wobbling for low light contrast subject. It also has high tracking sensitivity for sudden object appearance.

Selfie kejap.

A sample unedited 4K video was previewed. At 3:40pm, 2nd speaker Thomas Phoon shared his experience with Fujifilm mirrorless and why he is a convert.

Breaktime at 4pm. Finally get to try the so called fine dining local food.

Everything was in tiny bite size pieces.

Pandan coconut mousse that looks like crème brûlée is obviously the bomb and everyone kept coming back for more. I ate like 4 or 5 cups till about to vomit. It isn't exactly a real crème brûlée coz it has a soft creamy texture instead of a pudding like texture. Anyway a set of 3 cups costs RM19.

Another yummy dessert is the steamed cakes with a tiny hint of chocolate frosting. I think the cakes are made from gula melaka. Can't find this in their usual menu.

Random shot of Asian spices.

The soy sauce soba was salty as hell while other savoury dishes are just so so. The only thing worth trying here are the desserts.

Wah, after the fort's facelift their washroom look atas already.

After tea break we went to hunt Pokemon instead and took a look at these buddy bears.

Penang United Buddy Bears hasn't been officially launched yet so we viewed from afar. The bears will go on display from 28th August until 30th October 2016.

The middle one will light up in the evening.

That's all for today! It's obvious my articles are lame and unproductive these days but I promise to put my best effort on upcoming articles early next year which I can't wait to reveal to you. It's like a dream come true. Yeah, the keyword on this blog is "dream".

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