Thursday, September 8, 2016

Review: RM1200 Big shopping spree with Zalora

Hey pretties!

As you know months ago I posted about being one of the grand prize winner on March for Sunsilk Invite Ready. I have finally received all my clothes! Thank you so much Sunsilk and Zalora. You might say what was I thinking? RM1200 and all you got are whites? Well, I picked neutral colours because my wardrobe is already full of fancy colours, flowery patterns, prints, stripes and anything you can imagine so it's hard to match around.

Not a full collection yet. Will wear one by one and update this pic.

The thrill when a large package of freebies arrived on your doorstep.

All these whites are chosen to match my clownish wardrobe. Total 14 pieces.
Do note some links might be broken coz they sell out fast. The prices below are non-discount as the condition states total value must be based on original pricing and "Sold by Zalora".

For mum

Stay tuned for more sample pictures to come


  1. Oh my, you wrote this post from the future is it? hehehe Rm1200 ... that's quite a lot. Betul betul shopping ni hehe

    1. Hi radin,
      Lol I put in schedule coz incomplete yet but duno why it can appear for viewers. Must report error to blogspot. Menang ni baru 1 kali je. Yg lain sume kalah huhuhu...

  2. Congrats on your win too dear. :)


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