Wednesday, July 27, 2016

How NOT to make your life miserable

Photo from CNN. Originally taken by Adam Wade

Dear readers,

I saw a photo on CNN's Facebook page depicting a gorgeous dome shaped rainbow over New York. It's not everyday you get to see a perfect rainbow like this. However the comments are utter miserable. I get it there are war and election happening but take the chill pill for a moment and just enjoy the photo.

I swear there are tons of election news in the page for you to state your argument. What can your comment do anyway? You end up bringing other people into your negative pool. I'm not being ignorant but accept the fact that individual like me can't do much. If I keep spreading my religious/ political views then I might create nonexistent anxiety.

If you really want to make a difference then why start by doing some charitable work, campaign for a good cause, file petition, hold peaceful rally and many more. Or if you really want to level up your game, run for President. I'm just kidding or maybe not because never look down on anyone for anyone is capable of becoming President.

I have looked into some profiles and all I see are depressing posts. Trust me I've been in the Internet long enough to identify trolls and people who are plain angry. YouTube comments are the best entertainment. I used to be an overly sensitive teenager and took everything too seriously. But I took mum's advice that ignorant is bliss and here I am enjoying my life to the fullest. There's more to life than negativity so I'm sharing with you how I deal with it:

1. Get off your laptop/phone. Sometimes I don't bring my phone out.
2. Go out to see the beauty of nature.
3. Go somewhere you've never been even if it's a new mall.
4. Make new friends but don't be a pervert.
5. Try nice food you never tried before.
6. Be entertained by movies, drama, concerts, theaters.
7. Pick up a hobby that doesn't make you stressed out.
8. Pick up a sport even if it's running.
9. Learn new skill or language to fill your time.
10. Do not think about work after working hours. I used to deliberate what to do next day and it drives me crazy.
11. Be happy for others. When they post about getting promotion, getting married, having baby, celebrating birthday or a selfie saying they look good just be happy for them.
12. When someone is better than you, don't dig up flaws but learn their strength.
13. Brush off when someone disagrees with you. You are entitled to your own opinion but don't be vulgar and rude.
14. Be humble and kind. Even opening the door for someone makes my heart feel warm so try it!

15. Read inspirational quotes. See how you can relate to the quotes.
16. Instead of looking up miserable news online why not look up new stuff.

I always use Google Map road view to explore different cities and remote areas coz I'm too broke to travel. I also searched for definition of words that are new to me. When I want to know something I searched online about people, country, culture, companies, products....basically anything. When I'm in the mood for cooking or fashion, YouTube is my bff. The Internet can be so educational and interesting.

All these steps may not apply to everyone but I'm sure they will fill your time and not let your mind wander off with nonsensical thinking. When all fails and you are about to blow up, breathe in and out then ask yourself:

Was it worth it? 
What would be the consequences? 
Will I lose a friend if I kept arguing? 
Would my parents or loved ones be proud of me? 
Am I being selfish?

Let me know how you do it your way and how's the result.

Stay positive!


  1. Hi Hannah from SGGS here :) I LOVE this post and agree with everything said <3

    1. Omg Hannah! I miss u so so much. Long time din catch up. I miss the time we sat together in scl


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