Friday, August 12, 2016

What can Pokémon Go do to your life

Hey there readers,

I'm sure all of you have heard about Niantic's Pokémon Go that has made the world insane. I ain't an avid player to begin with and have yet to discover protip on how to gain more experience, evolving Pokémon to over 1000cp, calculating IV, hatching egg and most of all winning a battle. I mean its so hard to win a battle. If you want to know basics on how to play you can click here.

Aren't they super cute?

Hubby was very happy in winning a battle thanks to his dragonite however the throne never last longer than a minute as the pokegym in the mall is quite a hotspot.

Usually when it's almost midnight, a group of generous players would release lure module nearby my apartment so that's how we get to catch some rare and powerful Pokémon right under our nose without getting out of the house.

Heard that dragonite is rare but it appeared several times at my home like cheap dirt.

I also noticed dating sites, restaurants, malls and even prominent hotels whose names I don't wanna mention seized this opportunity as marketing strategy. They will hold events and contests related to Pokémon. The admin will also announce lure release times via social media. That's how crazy it gets.

If you are in Penang, head on down to Karpal Singh drive where it has one of the most Pokestops and gyms.

Somewhere near Armenian street. See how this game made a place crowded.

Empty courtyard of Gurney Paragon now infested with Pokémon trainers. If you own a business like F&B outlet at a hotspot, this situation can either make your business grow or lose profit if all customers ordering the cheapest drink and sitting for hours.

It's been more than a month since the game made avail to Murica (in case u don't know its a slang for America that I find netizens using) and some other "lucky" countries but only been a week in Asia. Tbh my phone is incompatible making the program unable to detect gps though my gps works fine therefore I can't proceed with the game. Hence I had to share an account with hubby using his phone. Anyone else facing the same issue as me?

Hubby plays most of the time but it seems that I am better at catching Pokémon than him. Anyway back to the topic...what has Pokémon affected your life? For me, it doesn't give any effect but for hardcore player like my hubby I have seen a teeny weeny bit of change.

He would stop walking abruptly while shopping for groceries in the supermarket or other activities. I'm sure all Pokémon trainers can relate to this. No matter what, do not stop your car abruptly on the street even when your passenger told you there's a rare Pokémon. You can park nearby and walk to the pokestop or gym. Another common sense is not to play during class or work.

Hubby has always been a gamer since I've known him 12.5 years ago starting with FIFA, DotA, Angry Bird, Candy Crush, a few other games in between and finally Clash of Clans. He says playing games trains our mind and makes us feel young. So whenever there's a new viral game he's on it. The longest game I played only lasts a month coz I get bored too quickly. Another reason is I get too frustrated with the game and uninstall before getting a heart attack. Maybe its a good thing that Pokémon Go can't run on my phone.

One of Pokémon Go's aim is to get your butt off the couch and walk around your neighbourhood at the same time making new friends, discover new places and workout. Hubby who used to sit on the couch with his COC now walks down to the pool area or drives to the mall and park. That's a positive progress. There are news about accidents caused by playing the game but it's all about the player's responsibility. You don't have to drive while catching or trespass a prohibited area. You can collect your items, catch Pokémon or go on a battle within 100m of radius.

And speaking of addiction there are more addictions in our surroundings that you could imagine. Smoking is addiction, drama series is addiction and having french fries everyday like me can also be an addiction. No matter how hubby loves to play, he has principle of not to play during work, having his meal and sleep on time. So Pokémon Go isn't the culprit. The players are those who can't control themselves. Any other games will give thrill, notifications, level up and eventually lead to addiction as well. Just some certain party proposing something and stating the reason "it's addictive". Well, you know if you live in my country of course.

So has Pokémon Go really changed your life? Has your daily routine changed? Do you keep checking your phone like its the Forex trading? Do you feel more energised? Have you meet someone new along the way? Have you become friendlier or more extrovert? Have you made money from the hype? All depend on individuals. Just play moderately, safely and don't get too crazy after all its just a game.

P.S: You might say I have nothing better to write so just rant on something that has gone viral. Yeah, I've been preoccupied lately and might not update frequently but I promise something huge early next year so stay tuned. Xoxo

UPDATE: Ok after one month from posting this I officially hate Pokémon Go. My car got bumped from behind while stuck in traffic for unknown reason and at the same day a car was squeezing beside mine leaving only an inch that I freaked out. This time I saw with my own eyes the driver and passenger holding on their phones looking for pokestop without realizing my car was so close beside WTF! I saw like 40+ people crowding outside houses in the middle of the night till someone had to call the cops. And hubby developed a habit to go around town catching Pokémon till 1am.


  1. Lol but great effort

  2. Hello! Which area of yours have a Dragonite? I'm coming by Penang and thought of dropping by.

    1. Hi Carmen,
      I caught all Dragonite at my condo pool area. Usually residents will put Lure at night after 10 / 11pm so I would recommend you to go to more convenient area like Karpal Singh Drive coz more pokestop there. Armenian street has 3 pokestop at same junction and always have Lure and rare Pokemon. Gurney area I heard have a lot dratini. Happy catching!


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