Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Butterworth Fringe Festival 2016

Hey readers!

Last week hubby and I attended Butterworth Fringe Festival (BFF) briefly just to take a look at his photo for Star Sanctuary Seberang Perai Photography Awards 2016. The theme is #MyPantaiBersih which is a beach overlooking Penang island from Butterworth. The festival was held for 2 days from 13 - 14 August 2016 (5pm - 11pm) at Jalan Jeti Lama and admission is free for all. After its overwhelming success last year, the BFF returned this year with one of a kind local and international showcases, intriguing art installations, screenings, live performances and much more. You can also check out their Facebook page.

  When we arrived there were giant snuffed puppets but we didn't snap pictures.

The newsletter is mainly about the property developer.

Hubby's little corner.

When we arrived trying to figure out what this festival is all about.

The tent entrance look so artsy.
Map of the area.

From this side you see elephant but as you turn to the left you will see 2 giraffes.

I love this part the most. I think it shows our local slang and urban words.

Talented artists working their magic.

No idea what performance or show but the temple, backdrop and dramatic sky adds vibrant colours to this photo.

The photography competition was open to the following categories: Professional, Seberang Perai citizen, Seberang Perai student and public via Instagram. All must be related to Pantai Bersih.

Hubby won consolation for Instagram category which is so unexpected because he submitted sloppily the last minute just for fun. Most other competitions he would pay entry fees and meticulously shoot quality photos.

Only consolation but better than nothing. If not mistaken the prize is a couple hundred bucks.

We got hungry and I was attracted to variety of meat at this burger truck. Otai Burger is a fast food franchise from Selangor.

I love all things exotic except for creepy crawlies and animals that are common household pets so we ordered venison and ostrich. Vegans don't get offended. I have my rights to eat whatever I like.

Durian cendol and durian crepe for desert. The durian cendol is the bomb! Then we went back to our little island to hunt for Pokemon.

Prize giving ceremony on 25th August at MPSP.

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