Monday, July 11, 2016

Review: Summer Dessert Cafe

Hello dessert lovers!

I'm sure all of us are guilty of having a sweet tooth. Here's a new joint for you to indulge on fancy French-like desserts and pastries. Summer Dessert Bakery has been my all time fav. I can't get enough on how perfect their cream is and how soft and moist their cakes are. The cakes also don't have that strong synthetic essence that make you feel like you're eating medicine. I shall not mention the bakery that has that taste.

Tastefully furnished 2-storey outlet with Parisian touch caters for in-house dining could possibly be the largest of all their outlets.

Strategically located at Icon City, a new commercial development that houses mostly restaurants. I call it the new dining hub of BM.

Spacious but kinda lack of place to sit. 

Look at all those pretty pastries! They are quite expensive tho.

Usually I would buy Osaka cake, spring rolls and honey cake from the bakery stores at All Seasons Place Farlim and the one opposite PCGHS coz each box cost like only RM6 instead of a fancy tart that costs RM9.

Lovely cakes for all occasions.

Breakfast (10-11am) and tea break (3-4pm) menu which I feel wasn't worth it. After having my dessert I bought a thick sushi bread roll for only RM3. Besides that I also took a Portuguese egg tart which is inexpensive but disappointingly porous inside. After you have tried Lord Stow's egg tarts in Macau others will never be the same again. 

Among signature dessert here is the honey toast. You can also order pasta if you fancy a heavier meal.

This bear chills temporarily on you table till your order arrives.

A rip off RM18.90 for a Mango Passion yogurt smoothie.

The strawberry honey toast that I can easily make myself costs RM18.90 too (I'm aware food reviewers wrote RM13.90 in their blogs but trust me that might be the launching/promo price). The waitress did not give us the receipt so you gotto see the menu at the cashier.

Stingy hubby wasn't very happy.

I'm just enjoying myself and the peaceful ambiance.

Will I come again? No for this cafe but yes to other Summer Dessert bakery stores.

Address: 16 Jalan Icon City, Icon City, Bukit Tengah, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Penang.
Contact: 04-5041848
Business hours: 9:30am - 1am

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