Friday, June 10, 2016

Review: Chicken Claypot House

Good day, foodies!

I stumbled upon Chicken Claypot House through a friend on Facebook so decided to try out as we always pass by this restaurant in town.

Brightly lit strategically located at a corner of the busy Macalister road makes it easy to spot.

We ordered herbal chicken claypot for dinner. Wanted to try the special dry one coz it looks tastier but it was just me and hubby so one hotpot is enough for us. I feel it's kinda pricey coz RM48 for the herbal chicken soup does not include extra side dish. Most steamboat restaurants just let you take whatever they have on the counter provided you pay the base price. Mind you the rice is also not included. It is cheaper if you share the pot among 4-5 persons.

Oh and remember to press the buzzer beside the stove controller. We waited stupidly for 10 minutes hoping at least a staff could look at us but they couldn't be bothered at all. Hubby went to the cashier counter and were told we had to press the buzzer.

Red plate is RM5. Yup, RM5 for a few meatballs.

White plates are RM4. I could get a plate of that raw vege for a dollar. The RM1.20 yellow plates are noodles.

And yes they charge 50cent for the sauce. I get it you don't want your customers to waste and 50 cents is really not much but this is not a common practice in Penang and a turnoff for your customers.

Apart from that, the rich flavoured herbal chicken soup consisting abundant of wolfberries, red dates, dangui, gingko, milkvetch root, codonopsis root, yu zhu and many moore brpught us in a good mood again.

We took only 2 plates of red and 2 plates of white. Lotus roots are my fav.

Rice is RM1.20 for small bowl like in the picture and winter melon tea costs RM6.

Would I patronize Chicken Claypot again? Hubby is a definite nope. He strongly emphasized nope nope nope! Initially I intended to bring more people to share and try other flavours next time....or NOT! Unless someone kind enough to treat both of us.

Address: 130, Macalister Road, 10450, Georgetown, Penang.
Contact: 04-2189386 / 014-9051813
Business hours: 5pm - 2am daily

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