Thursday, June 2, 2016

Bali: Day 6

Hello there!

Finally it's the last day at Bali. Time to fly back home and face reality.

Unexpectedly huge new airport.

When I woke up around 6:40am I couldn't find hubby beside me. I hurried towards the beach in my bathrobes which I wore to sleep and found him shooting the gorgeous sunrise.

Then our friends came over for a while.

We went back to our room around 7:50am and prepared breakfast. Don't use water from the tap to boil as drinking water coz it's super duper salty. There's a caution sign around the sink telling you not to drink from it.

We took a short nap till 9am and packed our bags.

It was quite high tide around 10am.

The little stream right in front of the entrance filled with water lillies suit the Balinese style of this resort.

Hubby poses but I checked out coz it's under my name haha...for the first time I paid flight and hotel coz it's a present for hubby. Remember to redeem your USD100 deposit.

Before we say goodbye here's a photo with the gate outside the main road.

Some of the iconic and gigantic structures you will see on the way to the airport. That statue looks like a warrior. I would like to know more info.

We arrived Ngurah Rai airport at 10:20am. Huge thanks to Agus for making our enjoyable trip a success.

Wow! This is a huge airport. We didn't get to see clearly when we arrived due to night time.

Goodbye Bali. You have been so good to us.

Before this trip, Bali is just a place in my bucket list to set foot on but now it has opened my eyes and mind to wonderful things.

We checked in at MAS counter at 10:33am. 

After that we had almost 2 hours of our own sweet time to shop around the duty free.

Never miss a photo with Hard Rock though I ain't a huge fan.

Happy Easter, everyone!

Easter eggs and bunnies on the floor...yeah, now only I realized there were bunnies.

Ain't sure what this figurine is but it looks interesting.

Our departure to KLIA was at 12:50pm. We were expected to be served lunch on board.

Our luggage is the easiest to spot. So prominent!

The seats are similar to Air Asia. The difference is more leg room, food provided, baggage included, individual entertainment and you can request anything from wine to blankets for free. The price of our flight to Air Asia is comparable during our booking. That's why I always prefer non-budget airlines.

Goodbye, Bali!

For lunch, hubby ordered curry chicken rice.

I had pasta with some kinda tomato sauce. I wish MAS would provide us a menu sobthat I know what I'm having. We didn't choose our meal during booking. We only listen to the choices given by the air stewardess.

No idea what movie he is watching but I was sure he complained about MAS food. Best airline food for me goes to Cathay Pacific.

My pasta was just bland with a hint of sour coming from the tomatoes. We were quite disappointed with such small portion of meal even though it's lunch and not some teabreak like the flight towards Bali. All other airlines I have taken that included meals serve hearty complete main dish with salad, bread, appetizer and dessert.

Freaking dope! How cool is this? We artived KLIA 3 hours later and spotted airport security riding segway. I know it's normal for other countries but it's my first time seeing this at our local airport.

A quick meal before returning home. We arrived Penang around 8pm. Sad that our holiday has ended but so excited to plan for the next one.

Just to give you an idea, we had been relying on others to plan for our oversea trips i.e. Phuket and Krabi with Star Cruise package, Taiwan and Koh Lipe planned by friends, Korea and Europe by tour agency, Japan semi planned by me but triggered by hubby's business trip, Macau walking tour planned by me but sponsored by Nuffnang and Macau Tourism and finally Bali by ground tour. Next trip will be a long postponed trip since 2 years ago fully organized by yours truly. Hubby didn't even bother anything about so it's a real challenge for me.

Last but not least, enjoy the retarded but fun video and see you in 2017!

 For full details on itinerary and budget of this trip, please click HERE.

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