Saturday, October 11, 2014

Review: FreshKon Contact Lens

Disclaimer: This is not sponsored or requested but based on my personal review.

Hey there, peeps!

I will be reviewing FreshKon Colors Fusion contact lens. I just stocked up my colour lens so decided to write a review. This time I bought 3 pairs because of the buy 2 free 1 promo and total cost only RM100. I purchased Warm Hazel from the Dazzlers series while Glittering Blue and Gleaming Green are from the Sparklers series. I actually prefer the Dazzler series coz they look more natural and outstanding but my optometrist told me the green and blue ones were out of stock.

First, I will review on Warm Hazel and Gleaming Green. After they expire then I will update this entry again with Glittering Blue. So it will be about 3 months from now.

Gleaming Green: indoor with flash.

 Gleaming Green: indoor with flash closeup.
Gleaming Green: Outdoor.

 Gleaming Green: Outdoor closeup.

 Warm Hazel: Indoor with flash.

  Warm Hazel: Indoor with flash closeup.

Warm Hazel: Outdoor.

 Warm Hazel: Outdoor closeup.

As for comfort, my eyes did not feel irritated on the first try however they aren't that moist so I had to wet my eyes with eye drops occasionally. I have other lens which provide extra moisture but they are not coloured. Lastly, an advise for first time contact lens users, it is best you go to an optometrist to try out which lens fits you best. Stay awesome, peeps!


  1. I like using freshkon too. I find they have a pretty natural design :)

    1. Hey girl, thanks for dropping by! Your blog looks much more amazing and organized hehe...

  2. Robert

    Your blog is really very good, i was really impressed by looking this blog, Thanks for sharing this blog.

    1. Hi Robert,
      Thank you so much for dropping by and hope this review might help you in choosing lenses.


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