Monday, August 12, 2013

Pulau Redang: Day 3

A very good early morning yo!

I ain't got much to share for the last day as we spent the whole day traveling back home. I remembered we woke up around 5am in the morning and breakfast was specially prepared for those checking out early. We had ours at 6am.

Here's my simple breakfast.

Hubby looked so steam! He didn't even know what he was doing till we lost our 2 neck rests while dragging our luggage from room to cafeteria. How clumsy! When we went back to the same path we took, they were gone. We checked with the office and was informed no one came over to report they have found such items. Who in the world would take used neck rests? Pathetic!

At 7am, we took the usual tractor to board our ferry. The tractor must be driven very close to the sea because that's where the sand is very dense. At one point of the beach we had to get down and help push the tractor because the was a wooden pier and it failed to go around the pier due to soft sand.
Goodbye beautiful island!

We were sleeping all the way in the 8 hour journey and only woke up for breaks. Here's a part of Kuala Terengganu.

We stopped by somewhere to buy some local goods including keropok lekor which is a must buy food in the state of Terengganu. It was fasting month and the bus driver had a hard time searching for a place to lunch. We ended up here at around 2:30pm.
I was super duper hungry and had this RM7 lunch. I gobbled up the whole plate cleanly. We reached Penang at around 6pm. Okay, that's all for this short trip.

Next up is my wedding series which I will elaborate about my pre-wedding photoshoot package, registration of marriage (ROM) procedures and our wedding day. Maybe by October this year I will blog about my Japan business trip. It's actually hubby's business trip. We will be staying for a long time there moreover I don't go out much during the weekdays when he is working hence I won't be using the usual format like Day1, Day2 etc for my blog posts. I will merely explain how we arrive, recommended foods, shopping haul, how to ride Japan Rail, day trips to cities around our place etc.

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