Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Korea: Day 7

Rise and shine! It's the second last day of my honeymoon and also last day of sightseeing. Today is a cherry blossom day as we will stroll along Yeouido cherry blossom street. The road was closed for only a week and we were so lucky to made it in time. Sakura sighting was the highlight of my trip because that's what we paid so much for and what spring is all about.

We left our hotel around 7am in the morning and it was very misty with ultra tiny raindrops that made us feel like having natural facial. Never get to experience this feeling before.
 It wasn't raining but just tiny cool vapour in the air. Love it so much!

After check out, we went to this restaurant by the sea for breakfast because the abalone served by the hotel were only dried bits. Can you spot Malaysian and Singaporean flag?

 Classic and spacious.

 We were given a whole dried abalone but it was a pathetic size.

 We reached Jeju airport around 9:50am and bought our tickets back to Seoul. The airport was so packed.

Meanwhile I wanted to capture Paris Baguette because we don't have this in Malaysia when there's a lot of branches in Korea but something else caught my eye. The stall on the right sells fish and meat...in the airport!

You may refer to Day 5 for flight details or just check out Eastarjet for more details. We sat on 10am flight.

This time it was galaxy themed.

An aerial view of Seoul. Honestly buildings in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore are more modern and high.

Here's an example of apartments you will see a lot in Seoul and I was wondering is this a low cost built by the Korean government? Because all were same designs and abundant.

Here's their parliament house.

A huge church complex.

We will be coming to this park later but we only walked along the street.

Lunch at basement of an office building.

Pork slices with lots and lots of veggies stew and usual side dishes. When you are in Korea, do not forget to add on because all drinks, rice, noodles, side dishes, veggies and certain meat are refillable free of charge. Ask what can refill and what cannot.

Close up look. Yums!
So this was the 9th time I had Korean meal in this trip. I surrender!

A few minutes from our lunch place, we arrived at Yeouido Park. Cherry blossoms are said to only last for 2 weeks so everyone rushed to see them during spring yearly.

It was such a beautiful sight! Beautiful is called yeapuda in Korean.


Couple shots.

Portrait shots.
I love this picture the most. I was grabbing on a branch and eventually plucked a bunch of cherry blossoms.

Look at how crowded it was! It seemed hot but actually the environment was very cooling as you notice from their clothing. If not mistaken it was 15-16°C. I looked like wearing just a blazer but I had a long john underneath my dress.

Random tourists. Spot the dog.

Yippee! I was so so happy!

Hubby carrying fatty me.

One last shot of Superman lol...

Next we were taken to Lotte Mall but you are not encouraged to go into such mall when you are on flexi tour unless you are loaded or you are working in Korea. They are not as cheap as it seems.

After window shopping all the 8-9 floors, we decided to walk around the streets. The weather was so nice for a walk. If Malaysia had this kind of weather I swear I would walk the streets everyday.

What the hell was I doing?

Was I trying to fly? Definitely lack of broomstick here.

The Young Plaza is situated opposite Lotte Mall.

We had time so we walked to Myeongdong. Love this street so much! It reminds me of Ximending.

Oppa oppa gentleman!

This is Myeongdong Theater.

A new discovery! Didn't know Samsung sells apparels. I am a proud user of Samsung mobile phone and monitor.


I saw people queuing and rushed to find out what it was. It turned out that a steakhouse in front was giving out freebies. Man, I was struggling so hard to speak Korean and when I told the lady I am not Korean all of them got surprised and laughed. It was the funniest moment in this trip.

A tall clown behind me. I saw him walking towards me for a picture then quickly took this picture before he could do any tricks on me.

Teenie Weenie store which I think similar to H&M and Uniqlo but we don't have this in Malaysia simply because it's a China brand. I ain't sure so correct me if I'm wrong.

My retarded stoned pose again in front of Jill Stuart. I should start trending this stoned pose just like planking.

Rushing towards Laneige. My husband introduced me to this photography style, Follow Your Girlfriend Around the World inspired by Russian photographer Murad Osmann. His website is functioning but lagged when you try to click on the menu.

 Here's where you can watch Nanta the action packed live cooking show.

His favourite store.
Girls would go crazy over this shopping street.

Our bus dropped us somewhere like a dark alley and we walked cautiously. When we came towards the end, it was a different world. It suddenly became so crowded and full of lights. I think this restaurant caters only for tour groups. There were souvenir stores around this restaurant as well.

Korean steamboat again!

Like all restaurants we have been, the soup was tasty.
We checked in to the same hotel we stayed before we flew to Jeju which was Noblesse Hotel. This time we stayed in a larger room full of mirrors.

All wooden vanity area and wardrobe.

Okay it was 11pm and we had to sleep because we woke up super duper early the next day to catch our 8:30am flight.

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