Monday, August 12, 2013

Pulau Redang: Day 2

Good morning readers!

It's 7am as we strolled along the beach with a beautiful sunrise.Then we had our breakfast at 8am and enjoyed the rest of the day. You can read about Day 1 here.

We love the sunrise.

I was focusing on the running subject behind.

Local buffet breakfast at 8am.

Roti canai.

Sunny side up with maximum 3 eggs per person.

Our breakfast.

Look who decided to come over for breakfast.

We changed into our swimsuits after breakfast. While waiting, we hanged out at our cooling balcony.

Morning session was at 9:30am. Like all the itineraries practiced by resorts here for the past decade, you will be brought to the marine park in the mornings.

Our group had many attempts in taking this picture due to harsh waves. 

There were many beautiful scenes in this marine park but we did not take much photos. There's also a pretty but tiny little island further on the right side of this island which we took picture but did not capture anything because the battery was dead. It seemed like thousands of tourists crowding around this marine park. Fishes refuse to come near you unless you feed them bread pieces.They used to nibble my mum's and my feet 10 years ago but not anymore. Basically you have to come here to experience for yourselves.

After a short 1 hour session at the marine park, we went back to our resort and dip in the ocean again. Can't get enough of the beautiful unpolluted sea here. Did not take pictures of lunch today because I did not bring my camera phone and we were too hungry after snorkeling whole morning. Anyway, the lunch was almost the same as yesterday; rice with chicken, vege and soup.

At 2:30pm we had the 2nd snorkeling session. Afternoon is always the deep sea but you will be taken to a spot different from the one on your first day here.We decided to take a different boat now.

Hubby and me at the front part.

Here comes Superstar Virgo for its usual routine to drop off tourists for a few hours here. I bet Virgo came all the way from Singapore. The area around Laguna Redang will be infested.

Back to resort.

This was taken when we were back at our resort. Did not take any pictures in the deep sea because 1, no camera and 2, I was too afraid and cried again.

Hubby is good with water. Lol those were my hippo legs behind.

Swim like a frog.

Haha I was tailing behind him cowardly.

While waiting for dinnertime, look who's here again!
My dear cutie friend, wish I could bring you home.

Dinner is served at 7pm.

My meh face with not so awesome buffet dinner.

After dinner, we changed and rested beside the bar that played loud dance music.
 While relaxing on the beach....

...then someone yelled snake!

Let's go for some hotel hopping.

When everyone gathered, we went hotel hopping. The first one was Sari Pacifica right next to our resort.

It's a beautiful luxurious resort. Go check out the price.

Next was Coral Redang. The seafood BBQ smelled great and I wanted to steal some.

After that, we came to Redang Pelangi.

Lastly was Redang Bay which some our our members stayed here before. There were souvenir and convenience stores where we did a little shopping. This was our last stop as we felt rain drops and ran all the way back to our room panting heavily. Goodnight, peeps! See you on Day 3.

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