Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Korea: Day 8

Good morning! We woke really early today at 4:00am in the morning and were given an uncut roll of sushi (I believe the Korean version is called kimbap) with a gaseuos can drink for breakfast. Then we slept for 2.5hours. Why is it the international airport had to be so far from Seoul?

  My so obvious sleepy face!

Our flight was damn early at 8:30am so we had reached Incheon airport around 6:40am.

Our check in counter. Owh, I looked so flowery here because these pants that were bought from Myeongdong.

We had to say goodbye to our dear Korean tourguide. So lucky we got a very kind, friendly and attentive tourguide. We really thank her for the pleasant hospitality. Kamsahamida and annyeong!

Riding on the long travellator for the last time. Hopefully we will come back to Seoul again and experience different places especially Busan. Now, we will focus on Japan in September and possibly Europe by 2015. Pray hard! (Update: Nope, we are not going to Europe on 2015...instead I carried forward this year!)

So we are gonna have a white Christmas on 2014 (not exactly on Christmas Day but still excited lah) at the fashion capital of the world. Remember your dreams are in your hands and you determine it. If you don't do it now then when?

Welcome aboard!

Our lunch menu. No more Korean food for me, no thanks!

Amazingly I did not sleep during the 6.5 hour flight because was too busy having movie marathon.

For appetizer, I had smoked salmon with potato salad. For main course, I chose panfried chicken piccata with tomato sauce, sauteed veggies and linguine instead of Haemul Bokkeum which was spicy seafood with rice because I was tired of Korean food.

Nice cheesecake ice-cream. Seriously the ice-creams served in SIA were yummy!

We reached Changi around 2:20pm and hurried to spend the remaining vouchers at Cocoa Tree. Oh, I almost forgot! I would like to extend my appreciation to the captain or pilot who flew us on SQ607 from ICN to SIN at 18 April 2013, 8:30am-2:00pm. It was a very pleasant ride but when we were about to land at Changi the wind was rough and my eardrum nearly exploded. The plane was swaying side by side. I expected a loud thump on the ground but amazingly all the passengers did not even know the plane landed until we heard wheels on the ground. Even the auntie uncle sitting behind me said what a great landing. Kudos to you, captain! I flew for the first time when I was only 8 years old and it was with SIA too. That was the best landing I had ever experienced. This time it's even better.

Our short flight from Changi to Penang was from 4:30pm to 5:20pm. We were served with quiche or frittata (I can't tell the difference) with drinks on our way back. So that wraps up our honeymoon trip to South Korea. Upcoming posts are Pulau Redang and Japan.

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