Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Iceland: Day 7 (Jökulsárlón and crystal ice cave)

Rise and shine dearies!

Today we will be visiting the infamous ice beach lagoon. We visited Skaftafell National Park yesterday and it was an exhausting climb to get to the waterfall. You can find itinerary and budget for this trip HERE.

 Outside of our room in the new wing.

The chalets are very cute.

 Lobby and dining in main building.

Check out

 Inside Hali Country Hotel.

 Spot something nice?

 Malaysia represent!

The journey to ice cave took 1 hour across very rocky road...more like snow covered path. Here's a safety checkpoint to know how many visitors and which tour company bringing them. You really can't go there by your own.

 When we arrived there were about 10 of these monster jeeps. Can you imagine how packed the cave was!

Our handsome guide from Glacier Adventures. We were too shy to take pic with locals here coz they seem kinda cold. However the locals are very helpful toward tourists. Maybe it's their way of talking to strangers.

Breiðamerkurjökull is an outlet glacier of the larger glacier of Vatnajökull in southeastern Iceland.

Finding a spot was tough.

 The whole cave was crowded like a mall lmao.

 Our truck stopped halfway for this scenic view.

These girls on the same truck as us are from Macau. If any readers out there happen to now them do inform them to contact my Facebook for their photos.

 Goodbye tourist infested ice lagoon. See how jammed it is. Honking cars are a norm here.

 We came here again. The weather was way better than yesterday.

Snow angel is a must!

My pulled pork burger while hubby had cheeseburger.

Both our meals cost about RM180!

Finally arrived Hotel Skogafoss. At first we booked the hostel right next to it but hubby decides he can't put up with shared bathroom and crammed up room so we upgraded to this one just one day before.

See you at plane wreck and Reykjavik tomorrow. Nighty night peeps!

Enjoy the videos below...

Singapore and London video

Iceland full video

Road to Aurora video

A relaxing video on driving in Iceland. Scenery so beautiful I had to share to all of you. Northern light time lapse somewhere at the end of this video. Hope you sit back and enjoy!

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