Monday, October 23, 2017

Iceland: Day 8 (DC3 plane wreck and Reykjavik city walk)

Good morning again!

Gosh it's already Day 8 of our Icelandic adventure. What a fun time we had at ice beach and crystal ice cave yesterday though it was crowded as hell. If you are interested to know itinerary and budget for this trip click HERE.

Waited for the rainbow to appear but it was damn crowded!

View outside our room

Hubby brewing coffee for breakfast

Most hotels here don't really serve endless rows of buffet breakfast like we had in the east.

Raw smoked and marinated fish. Doesn't taste really fishy from all the marinade but can be quite salty and sourish. I managed to eat 3 pieces coz it looks gross but quite tasty believe me. Even hubby who never eats sushi like this fish.
Just the first round hehe...

 Almost everyday we had skyr an Icelandic yogurt

As the sun rises we get clearer view of Skogafoss. Isn't this breakie corner awesome!

 The bar

 Our hotel just in front of Skogafoss

 On our way to plane wreck. What they say about Icelandic wind is real

 Ample parking space but be prepared for a long walk.

I think since last year the owner of this land prohibits vehicles from driving to the plane crash site.

A hour walk. Total of 8km to and fro.

No worries all passenger and crew survived this plane crash.

Pasta lunch cooked by hubby in the morning

 We have reached the capital and hello traffic!

 The locals told us heavy snowfall was about 10 inch or more last night.

What an artsy town

Polar bear!

Snow on the carpark up to our knee gosh!

Must try lamb hotdog just opposite Harpa.

The most pinkish sunset we have ever seen!

 Can't get enough of the sunset. Too beautiful!!!

Attempt to write on snow

<3 alicia="" p="">Second attempt
<3 alicia="" p="">
We suddenly saw aurora before going for dinner.

Finally found Tapas Barinn bar and restaurant.

 Ok it looks more like a bar but anyway food was great.

Few months before coming to Iceland I hunted high and low for a real Icelandic gourmet that has whale and puffin meat. Gotto try authentic stuff when you come all the way from far.

Waiting for food

For starters we were served bread with two kinds of butter and Brennivin a type of Icelandic liquor. It was hella strong!

 First in the tasting menu was raw lamb tenderloin in licorice sauce on volcanic rock

Second on the white plate was smoked puffin with blueberry Brennivin sauce. Puffin looks kinda like a flying penguin. Google will tell you everything. The meat was similar to beef and smell was intense tho.

 Third was pan fried blue ling in lobster sauce. Spot the tiny scallop. Blue ling is similar to cod.

Then came the star of the day... minke whale! It was lightly seared and paired with cranberry malt sauce. All the while I thought it was pumpkin puree. Whale does not taste anything like fish. It has a texture of a tough beef or venison with pungent smell. We don't really fancy it but it was a great experience.

Fifth taste test was lobster tail baked with garlic. First time ever another dish overpowered a lobster's presence in our meal. Usually lobsters are the main star of any meal.

Sixth was grilled lamb with samfaina...dunno what it was. I urge you readers again to try any lamb dish if you ever visit Iceland coz their soft juicy meat are to die for.

Finally arctic char with bell pepper salsa and fried potato. We had tried arctic char few days before so we already knew it looks as pink as salmon but tasted like white fish.

 For dessert we were served white chocolate skyr mousse with passion coulis. Both contrast eachother very well. Skyr is Icelandic yogurt, also a must try when you visit this country. Very thick and creamy but bear with the strong milky taste. The yellow sphere was passion fruit sorbet.

A little token after our meal

This time they gave us a twin room which was what exactly what we booked instead of the large family room.

Bathroom was larger for this room.

Goodnight and see you in Snaelfellsnes tomorrow!

Enjoy the videos below...

Singapore and London video

Iceland full video

Road to Aurora video

A relaxing video on driving in Iceland. Scenery so beautiful I had to share to all of you. Northern light time lapse somewhere at the end of this video. Hope you sit back and enjoy!

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