Monday, September 18, 2017

Iceland: Day 6 (Skaftafell)

A very lovely and windy morning today!

Just for recap yesterday was a disaster! We were stuck for almost 6 hours in the middle of a tiny town unable to turn to anywhere coz all roads were blocked even the one towards Reykjavik. The wind was quite strong but luckily we were able to drive today. Blue skies can be seen clearly as the horrible clouds blown away. You can find itinerary and budget for this trip HERE.

"Hiked" an hour for this but the breathtaking waterfall was worth it.

 Spot the teeny weeny lighthouse on the right edge of the hill. That's where we're heading.

I once had a dream driving on a winding road surrounded by waves and finally my whole car went into the sea. This road is exactly like my dream except we didn't fell into the water lol.

You can actually stay in the lighthouse. If it is still available you can view the link HERE. It is managed by the same hotel we stayed for the night before which is Icelandair Hotel. However only available from August till October.

The lighthouse that has been transformed into a boutique hotel can accommodate 5 people. The lighthouse station was established in 1910. The first skeletal steel tower was prefabricated in Sweden and present lighthouse built in 1927.

Image from Huffpost

Back to Icelandair Hotel to pack our luggage and selfie in the room. We paid RM800 for the room with a view so might as well enjoy it to the max. We checked out right on 11am too.

The so called bubble lift.

When you finally see it but still a long way to go.

An awful lot of potholes on this off road to Svinafellsjokull glacier. Literally it's called an F road as in insurance won't cover when you use this type of road.

But once you reached it's damn magnificent!

Nature's art of ice carved entrance. Look at the pillar and stairs into frozen castle.

One of  Kungfu Yoga shooting location.

We arrived Jokulsarlon around 6pm and boy it was crowded! You could hear cars honking as the carpark was congested.

The original photo was really dark and I had to brighten up intensely.

 When we arrived to Guesthouse Gerdi around 8pm the lobby was overwhelmed with tour group.

We checked in a little later after our dinner.

When the bread arrived we were like for both of us? Looked like 10 pieces in there enough to feed 5 people. The bread was very soft and yummy but we couldn't finish the whole basket.

 Hubby's artic char looked like salmon but tasted like a white fish.

I read a lot of great reviews about Icelandic lamb especially from this guesthouse so had to order it. My gawd it was the best lamb I ever had in my life. All lamb dish I had in Malaysia were very tough and had fatty tendon that you can't tear with your teeth. This one however was so soft and juicy and I hardly left any bits on the plate.

No aurora activity for today so goodnight! See you tomorrow at the ice cave and crystal beach!

Enjoy the videos below...

Singapore and London video

Iceland full video

Road to Aurora video

A relaxing video on driving in Iceland. Scenery so beautiful I had to share to all of you. Northern light time lapse somewhere at the end of this video. Hope you sit back and enjoy!

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