Monday, September 18, 2017

Iceland: Day 5 (Journey to Vik)

Good morning!

Today we will head on down to Vik. Yesterday we had so much fun around the Golden Circle. This morning we got up around 7am with happy vibes and excited to start our waterfall journey cos we thought we will visit lotsa waterfalls today but turned out didn't go according to SCHEDULE. We'll talk about it later.

Cold and wet and moody at Seljalandsfoss.

Breakfast for today 24th Feb 2017. Indomie with oreo and milo.

Can't get enough of cute little Icelandic horses.

We were somewhere past Hella town when we saw this truck and the authority stopped us. I tot gonna kena saman for speeding but turned out the one and only main highway was closed. Our supposedly enjoyable day was ruined.

Laugarvatn on top the map was where we came from which was our apartment we stayed last night. We stopped by Urridafoss before heading to Vik but got stuck at Hella. So we had an early lunch in the car at a gas station. Then I thought of bringing forward our Reykjavik tour and drove the opposite direction but after Selfoss towards the city was closed too! So we unwillingly drove back to Hella and waited till 6pm for the road to reopen. We could have drove past the authority (112) no biggie but risk getting our car blown. So remember to always check before starting your journey.

 Hubby prepared a delicious chicken curry rice for lunch.

Driving towards Reykjavik hoping the road isn't closed but luck was not on our side.

See that gas station beyond the bridge. Road after that area was closed too so there's no way we can head to Reykjavik. Hence we hanged out in the station for quite a while and chatted with the owner of the gas station but forgot to take pics! I also told the owner that I would love to come back to Iceland again and that is a promise. Many locals did question us why we chose such a cold and deserted place for holiday. First of all we wanted to see the Northern Lights and secondly coming from a tropical country we like to experience extreme cold weather...and this was the most extreme we could get!

Heading back to Hella after an hour.  Beautiful but frightening journey as we could feel our 4WD almost topple over by the strong wind.

 We spent the rest of our time in this deli.

 Finally we were able to reach Seljalandfoss when it was almost 7pm.

 Hubby all wet from the rain.

This waterfall is famous for walking behind it but we couldn't risk doing so as you can see how slippery the ground was. We had a really hard time snapping pics under the rain and wind and super slippery floor. The next time we come to Iceland it has to be summer.


Goodnight and see you tomorrow at Skaftafell National Park.

Enjoy the videos below...

Singapore and London video

Iceland full video

Road to Aurora video

A relaxing video on driving in Iceland. Scenery so beautiful I had to share to all of you. Northern light time lapse somewhere at the end of this video. Hope you sit back and enjoy!

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