Thursday, August 10, 2017

Iceland: Day 4 (Golden Circle)

Rise and shine my dear nomads!

Today we will be heading yo Golden Circle! Are you excited? I know I am!

Just like a postcard this instaworthy background at ├×ingvellir  National Park is so enchanting!

Good morning! Woke up at 7am and hubby cooked instant noodles to start the day.

At the white garden of Reykjavik City Hostel.

Took some photos before we left. But anyway we'll be back again in another 5 days.

It's white everywhere!

On the way to the geysir we stopped by Keri├░, a dormant volcano crater. Entry price is 400 ISK coz apparently this plot of land has an owner.

Enjoy the videos below...

Singapore and London video

Iceland full video

Road to Aurora video

A relaxing video on driving in Iceland. Scenery so beautiful I had to share to all of you. Northern light time lapse somewhere at the end of this video. Hope you sit back and enjoy!

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