Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Review: Din Tai Fung

Happy New Year!

Around New Year's Eve hubby, his fam and I went to try Din Tai Fung upon my suggestion coz it's like a very famous Chinese cuisine outlet in USA. Maybe I'm just influence by YouTubers idk.

When it's full, take number from the counter outside and wait for your number.

Menu display outside.

Spacious as you walk in.

 The menu.

Mostly dumplings, noodles and side dishes.

This is how you order. Like most Chinese restaurants nowadays you tick what you want on the order form and the waiter will collect it.

Chefs busy in the kitchen.

We ordered 6 pieces of pork xiao long bao for a whooping RM18.

I think this is the crab roe xiao long bao.

Oozing salted egg bun...so creamy and salty.

Side dishes were green beans and bean curd.

This is our fav...deep fried shrimp in salted egg. I cray everything salted egg.

Hubby had pork chop fried rice. His mum orered the same dish too. Taste just ok.

Hubby's  dad and I ordered beef stew ramen each. The taste is not overpowering but I prefer a stronger taste like the ones at Taiwan Bull. The meat is tender and chewy but I dislike it. Call me bias but after I had wagyu beef t on my birthday last week, I can never eat beef the same again.

His little brother has dumpling ramen. Look alot like soupy wan than mee.

I love the ginseng drink tho coz it was very sweet.I'm no health freak so I wouldn't complain anything too salty or sweet.

My beef wasn't very nice. Wish the meat could have been softer

Nothing interesting about his fried rice.

The bill was expensive coz we tapau 2 bungkus of ginseng chicken soup. The waiter told us buy one free one so we only paid RM21 per packet. However don't bother ordering ginseng chicken soup coz the amount was so small. I was expecting a full chicken like i had in Korea. And would I come to Din Tai Fung again? Never.

Address:  Lot B1-05C, Gurney Plaza, Persiaran Gurney, 10250, Georgetown, Penang.
Contact: 04-2189645
Opening hours:10am - 10pm daily


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