Thursday, February 16, 2017

Valentine's Day 3 course couple set at Morganfield's

Hey dearies,

I know it's been a long time I posted something here. If you ever wana get my updates you are welcome to follow my Facebook. Every year hubby and I don't exactly celebrate Valentine's day. In fact he never bother to send flowers coz I hate them. Ok maybe a bunch of roses like 10 yrs ago. I am someone who would prefer a bouquet of nuggets.

Ordered an apple mojito coz the waitress said they were out of plain water so it's either pay for mineral water or their fancy drinks. Which restaurant would run out of drinking water?

We headed for a simple dinner at Queensbay Mall after work. Restaurants were packed and they only offer Valentine sets. We walked from TGI to Italiannies and finally settled on hubby's all time fav Morganfield's.

Click here to read on my previous review on Paragon branch.

No matter their customers are single or couple or family or friends everyone ordered their couple menu.

Yup they were out of free drinking water but these drinks weren't.

For starters we chose salmon ceviche. I regretted for not choosing crab cakes coz the ceviche was bad. Or maybe the crab cakes were equally bad too who knew? I expected marinated chunks of fresh salmon instead of salmon flakes.

 The salad wasn't great either.

My beef was medium and usual quality so I had no complains. The potato tho is pathetic coz they only give potato skin  today whereas they give a whole baked one any other day. At least give two slices la. You can read my previous review about Morganfield's at Paragon branch.

Hubby however is upset about his Valenswine. The spare ribs were only 4 sticks which is 1/3 of the size he always ordered. It was also drier than usual. The beer batter fish fillet works as an illusion only.


As for the brownie I absolutely loved it but hubby said the walnuts were too much they hurt his palate. Ok I agree coz in between the slices were also nuts.


CNY deco still around till end of this month.

To me, Valentine's day is not only for lovers but also a celebration of love with family and friends. Doesn't matter if you are single or not you can always find someone special. It can even be your pet.

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