Saturday, January 9, 2016

Review: RM100 with Zalora

Hey fashionistas!I

Chinese New Year is coming really soon. Have you shopped for new clothes yet? Even if it is last minute, Zalora is here to assist you with affordable high quality and updated look. I set a budget of RM100 for my CNY shopping with Zalora so let's see what have I got.

Surprisingly quick delivery on same day you make payment. Get ready to receive your apparels the next day if you are staying within peninsula Malaysia.

Imma happiest girl when received goodies on the doorstep. Surely you can buy more with RM100 if you spend more on accessories and blouse but I was greedy to reward myself with 2 dresses and a cropped top.

Tax invoice and paid postage for returns.

Here are the steps for returns. Zalora will credit the shipping amount into your account how awesome is that!

2 in 1 Crop Top and Skirt Bodycon Set
First item is for my birthday. I seldom wear bare backs so I braved myself to wear this on my day. Love the thick yet comfy cotton. The top might look like a toddler's clothing but as soon as you put it on it fits perfectly due to its stretchy material, trust me.

Back view

To be safe, I ordered L size coz I'm a voluptuous girl. And I worked hard for that abs which didn't last long.

Criss-Cross Halter Mesh Bodycon Dress
Second item is for Chinese New Year. This dress is in free size. Bought this coz see through and halter is quite the in thing. Besides, the cutting makes me look slimmer. So aunties and uncles won't tell me I'm getting fatter haha!

Back view

Very stretchy material fits so well!

Lace Front Top
This is an extra as I have overspent my budget but I only scooped extra RM30 out of my pocket. Definitely love the Aztec pattern. Planning to wear this on my next summer trip so stay tuned.

 In love with the cutting that gives an optical illusion the wearer has tiny abs.

Note: I'm unable to link the apparels probably coz they are sold out.


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