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Central Europe: Itinerary and Budget

Note: This was updated again on 2015 after I return. Due to exchange rate and inflation, the figure might be slightly different so just treat this as a guideline.

Dear fellow travelers,

Here's a simple draft of my Europe budget. This is not a budget backpacker's trip coz it is a birthday trip for hubby and also our second honeymoon after our first one in Korea. Moreover hubby wants good food, hassle free transport and no hostels. So we booked a tour however not everything is included like entrance fees and meals. Total damage was set to be within a budget of less than RM7000 per person. 

You might be asking why I did not enter famous attractions like The Louvre (we did hang around outside), Palace of Versailles, Sacre Coeur, Palais Garnier, Disneyland etc. That's coz time is a budget too and it's not up to you to decide where to go when taking a tour. How I wish I could visit more countries like UK and Italy but my my whole bank is already burning!

Click "Travel" on top of this page for more details on each country.

5 Countries 
Germany Switzerland France Belgium Netherlands


Day 1
9:45pm PEN to KUL
10:30pm Arrive KLIA

Day 2
2:30am KUL to AUH
6:10am Arrive Abu Dhabi
9:15am AUH to AMS
2:00pm Arrive Amsterdam Schiphol
3:40pm Zaanse Schans
6:00pm Dam Square
6:45pm Red Light District
7:30pm Dinner
9:00pm Check in Park Plaza Amsterdam
11:00pm Sleep

Day 3
6:30am Wake up  
7:15am Breakfast at hotel 
8:30am Start journey
11:30am Cologne Cathedral
12:30pm Lunch at Christmas Market
2:00pm Continue journey
6:30pm Heidelberg
7:00pm Dinner 
7:45pm Christmas market
9:00pm Check in Leonardo Hotel
11:00pm Sleep

Day 4
6:10am Wake up
7:00am Breakfast at hotel 
8:30am Start journey
11:40am Lake Titisee
12:00pm Drubba cuckoo clock workshop
1:00pm Pork knuckle lunch
1:40pm Walk around town
3:30pm Continue journey
5:30pm Rhinefall
7:30pm Dinner at Zurich
8:40pm Check in Dorint Airport Hotel
10:30pm Sleep

Day 5
7:10am Wake up
8:00am Breakfast at hotel
9:00am Start journey
11:00am Reach Engelberg
11:10am Ride cable car twice and Titlis Rotair
12:10pm Reach the top
12:15pm Ice cave
12:30pm Play with snow (Skipped lunch)
2:00pm Get down from Mt. Titlis
3:00pm Start journey
4:10pm Lion monument
4:30pm Free and easy Lucerne
6:30pm Dinner
8:00pm Back hotel
10:30pm Sleep

Day 6
7:00am Wake up
8:10am Breakfast at hotel
9:15am Start journey
1:00pm Lunch at highway rest stop
2:00pm Drive through vineyards + sleep
5:00pm Teabreak
8:20pm Dinner at Paris
9:30pm Check in Only Suites Paris CDG
11:00pm Sleep

Day 7
Arc de Triomphe - bus - Place de la Concorde - bus - Eiffel Tower - bus - Galeries Lafayette - walk - Palais Garnier - walk - Louvre - walk - Pont des Arts - walk - Notre Dame - walk - Palais Garnier - walk - Galeries Lafayette - bus - Bateaux-Mouches
7:20am Wake up
8:30am Breakfast at hotel
9:30am Drive to city center
10:40am Arc de Triomphe
11:00am Place de la Concorde
11:50am Eiffel Tower
12:50pm Galeries Lafayette
1:00pm Start walking
1:20pm Reach The Lourve
2:00pm Lunch at Paul
3:00pm Walk to Pont des Arts (lock bridge)
3:20pm Continue walking
4:00pm Reach Notre Dame
4:30pm Start walking back
5:00pm Reach Palais Garnier
6:30pm Shopping and dinner at Galeries Lafayette
8:30pm Cruise ride at Bateaux-Mouches
9:50pm Back hotel
11:30pm Sleep

Day 8
7:00am Wake up
8:30am Breakfast at hotel
9:10am Start journey
12:30pm Reach Grand Place
12:35pm Christmas market
1:20pm Mussels lunch
2:50pm Walking tour and shopping
4:00pm Mannekin Pis
4:20pm Belgian waffle teabreak
5:00pm Leave Grand place
5:20pm Atomium
7:30pm Dinner at Amsterdam
8:40pm Check in Park Plaza Amsterdam
11:00pm Sleep

Day 9
7:00am Wake up
8:00am Breakfast at hotel
9:15amDrive to city center
10:00am Canal cruise ride
10:50am Gassan Diamonds
12:00pm Continue journey
12:20pm Reach Volendam
12:30pm Free and easy
1:00pm Seafood paella lunch at a stall
1:50pm Seafood lunch again at another shop
3:00pm Cheese and clog factory
6:00pm Reach Schiphol
8:45pm AMS to AUH

Day 10
8:00am Arrive Abu Dhabi
10:15am AUH to KUL
8:20pm Arrive KLIA
10:45pm KUL to PEN
11:40pm Arrive Penang


This trip was during November end and early December so temperature was between -2°C to 6°C. Dress in layers, bring thick jackets, long john, hat, ear muff, gloves and comfortable shoes that cover above your ankle. 


As in Nov 11th 2014
 €1 = RM4.18
CHF1 = RM3.48 

Here's a rough amount of how much you should bring for 10 days excluding accommodation and flight. The US$ are just for spare. Swiss Franc notes look kinda interesting.

Our tour includes flight, transport and accommodation but here's the breakdown in case you want to travel by your own. If you are interested, this is the Central Europe package I took. Below are the costs for 1 person and converted to RM for easier calculation.


I'm sure you know that staying at hostel is the best but for cheap and comfort you can stay at 4-star hotels in the outskirts. Transport can be a little problem though. All rates below include breakfast. The dates in the image are for reference only, not our real travel dates.


Park Plaza Amsterdam Airport
103.83 x 2 nights = RM917.56


Leonardo Hotel Mannheim Ladenburg
 €123 x 1 night = RM518.51

CHF293 x 2 nights = RM2055.86

Only Suites Paris CDG
€110 x 2 nights = €220 = RM927.42

Total = RM4419.35 ÷ 2 (twin sharing) = RM2209.68

Transport is included in our tour so this amount is to add in when you travel by your own. There are lots of cheap rail and bus pass as well as budget airlines like Ryanair. If you would like to save more on accommodation, you can book night rides and sleep during the journey. Bring more money in case you need to ride a cab, bus, tram or any public transport within the city.

Paris Mobilis Pass (1 day): €6.60 = RM27.82

Eurolines: €185 = RM773

Entrance Fee
For freeloading, visit more natural attractions and exterior of buildings.

Mt. Titlis (cable car): CHF63 = RM219.31
Eiffel Tower (2nd level): €9 = RM37.63
Seine River Cruise: €14 = RM58.53
Amsterdam Canal Cruise: €15 = RM62.71

Total = RM378.18

Eat more light street food to experience local cuisine and save your money. Our breakfast is already provided by hotel so do book bed and breakfast (b&b) type of stay. Our budget is
30 per person per day so let's see how it goes.

           Day 1: Meals on board

Day 2: Lunch - Kässpätzle 4.30
       Tea - Apfelstrudel €2.30
            Dinner - Included in tour

Day 3: Lunch - Pork knuckle and black forest cake €20
            Dinner - Included in tour
          Supper - Maggi 5 minuten, choc caramello2

Day 4: Lunch - Skipped. Cheese Fondue is recommended CHF25
            Dinner - Included in tour
Supper - Chocolate CHF4

Day 5: Lunch - Pork Chop set 8.90
       Tea - Flan €3.20
            Dinner - Included in tour
    Supper - Brezel,  Maggi 5 minuten €4

Day 6: Lunch - Pizza €4.80
       Tea - Anglaise abricots €2.65
Dinner - Included in tour
 Supper -  Large macaron pistache €3.40

Day 7: Lunch - Moules marinierere ou vin blanc €16.90
       Tea - Belgian waffle 2
            Dinner - Included in tour
    Supper - Hot cocoa €4.20

Day 8: Lunch - Seafood set €6.50
       Tea - Broodje haring 2.50
            Dinner - Included in tour
    Supper - Instant pasta bolognese 1.70

Day 9 & 10: Snack - Cheese crispies 2.95
            The rest - Meals on board

  Estimated total  = RM700
(Can be more coz a lot of snacks not counted in)

Shopping & Souvenir
Key chains, magnets, chocolates, snacks around 100 = RM418
Bag €78 = RM335.35
Swiss magnets, chocolates CHF20 = RM71.41

Total = RM824.76

It is well known that Europe charges for toilet. Only Switzerland and France are generous to offer free usage. When we were in Germany even their McDonald's charged 0.50 for entering their washroom. However if you are paying at highway rest stops you can rebate by purchasing at their convenience store. One ticket can only be used for one item. Therefore, I have included my toilet charges in "tea" and "supper" above.

Grand Total
Flight 2874
Hotel 2209.68
Transport 800.82
Fees 378.18
Food 700
Shopping 824.76 (exclude this)

Enjoy the video below and Merry Christmas!


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