Thursday, July 18, 2013

Korea: Day 1

Okay finally I got the time to update my blog. On April 2013, hubby and I went for our honeymoon in  South Korea after we got married in March. Spring was the most expensive season of all but what the heck, it's our sweet honeymoon!

At that time, North Korean president made a threat to South Korea but we had to stick with our plan. We made a decision to follow a tour package as we wanna avoid the hassle of planning this trip so I can't tell you which train or bus to get on or which station to get off or how much our hotel costs. We just hop on our tour bus everyday and slept throughout the journey. Isn't that simple and relaxing? By the way our package costs RM4088 per person. Do change at least RM1500 for shopping as things are quite expensive.

One important reminder is please research the country's power socket. We brought the correct converter with the correct pin but could not plug in because Korea's socket mould is round while ours is squarish. Do be careful.  Do refer to the power chart. South Korea uses type C & F.

So at 7:30am we arrived at Penang International Airport with sleepy faces. Our tourguide, Criss did all the check in for us. My ootd was effng weird because I was preparing for the cold weather. I should have bought black boots.

Our flight to Singapore for transit was at 9:20am. This was my 2nd time flying with SIA. For long distance flight, do travel with any airline other than Air Asia for comfort.

We were also given SGD40 voucher per person to spend at any outlets in Changi. The rest are arrival cards and don't bother the address and phone number belongs to the the tour agent's office.

Bolognese chicken puff with tea and unlimited water/orange juice.

Arrived Changi Airport after an hour.

The washroom is pretty. There's a lounge behind these mirrors but who would want to hang around in the toilet? It will smell no matter what and there are more germs flying around.

At the beautiful Terminal 3 with 2 pilots walking past.

Never miss to enter Cocoa Tree, our favourite candy shop. We bought chocolates on our way back from Korea to avoid carrying extra kgs.

I was searching for the air castle where I jumped on few years back but realized it was part of Christmas deco. T3 now looked so bare and uninteresting without those festive deco.

We had a not so delicious wonton noodles for lunch but it was free as we claimed from our voucher. Left about SGD18 or so to buy chocolates when we return.

I love this area because its so calming and has abundant natural light. However it's actually a bar and smoking area.

 So here we go again but this time will be a 6.5 hour flight. What a long long journey!

We departed at 2:30pm and estimated to reach Incheon by 10pm Korean time. They are 1 hour ahead of us.

Play games first. Mostly kid's games.

Our 5 course dinner menu.

I ordered beef bulgogi. The starter was lightly marinated shrimp with sunonomo salad. Cheese and crackers with bun and butter to fill your stomach. A very yummy chocolate coated vanilla truffle ice-cream for dessert. I also requested for wine. Best of all it is unlimited!
At last arrived Incheon, the best airport in the world since 2012. It was around 8:30pm. Here's the long and endless travelator.

Hop on a train to another terminal. I have no idea, just follow our local tourguide to meet with Korean tourguide who's waiting at the arrival area.

Everywhere you will see Samsung, LG, KIA, Hyundai. So patriotic! By the way, the temperature that night was just 6°C and we had to run to our bus!

After crossing the bridge (Incheon Airport is on an island) and some village roads for 1.5 hour, we finally arrived at our 1st hotel, Winner's Hotel. There will be 4-5 more hotels to move OMG!

Our huge room can accommodate up to 3 persons. I'm still wondering why they gave us such a big room. Our tour group only has 1 family while the rest are couples.

We spent like 2 hours unpacking, bathing, solving the power adapter problem and preparing what to wear tomorrow as we had to wear at least 4 layers including a long john. Ok, goodnight and see you at Everland tomorrow!


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