Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Review: Photobook Malaysia 11 x 8.5 Medium Landscape Imagewrap

Hey dearest readers!

I have just received my free photobook like the n-th time lol. This time it's a huge rectangular hardcover with HD glossy finish from Photobook Malaysia. Purposely kept the voucher from 2016 till after my trip. Aneh ngam the due date is 3 weeks after I return to Malaysia.

As usual shipment arrived within 3 working days. Super fast and efficient. Quality is also better than my previous Photobooks maybe due to I get to choose the best quality.

Thank you Canon Malaysia for this free photobook. After the express shipping worth RM12 it totaled up to RM390.

 Front and back cover.

Very easy to order... Only 3 steps: Download Photobook Designer on your computer, arrange your photo and finally place order.

The glossy paper HD paper is actually those photo paper that photo studios use for printing meaning the type that cannot kena water one.

Similar to a standard photobook, this one consists of 40 pages so charges will apply if you add more pages.

I edited my photos a little brighter than usual based on past experience with their printing quality.

I also cincai arrange this time coz due date is approaching just in time after my trip. That's why no fancy frames, emoji etc for this one.

Just sharing the code I got from Photobook since I'm not using it. If you missed out on the due date you can always check their website for discounts.


  1. hello! What if I’m using phone in photobook is there a way to design it?? ������ because I tried the free one and its only max of 21pictures and 1picture per page. Can you give me an advice? ����

    1. Hi Jessica, Thaks for dropping by my blog. Sorry I have not used mobile to design photobook. Maybe you can contact photobook for help


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