Monday, February 22, 2016

Chinese New Year 2016

Gong Hei Fatt Choy and Happy Cap Goh Meh!

In case you didn't know, Cap Goh Meh literally translates as 15th night in Hokkien that is the last day of Chinese New Year. Here's a recap of highlights throughout my 15 days of CNY. Click and play the videos to experience a piece of my exciting life.

Gorgeous take of Kek Lok Si by my husband.

Reunion dinner on CNY eve
Last year I dished out 6 cuisines for an epic reunion. However this year I decided to take it slow and just hold a simple steamboat.

1st day of New Year
Not much on the first day. I just followed my in laws to visit temples and have lunch at their extended family home. 

2nd day of New Year 
Balik kampung to Sungai Petani to visit my parents. So the rest of the days were spent munching on CNY cookies and movie marathon such as From Vegas to Macau 3, Monkey King 2 and of course Deadpool!

Penang Chinese New Year Festival 2016 (6th day)

Lou sang gathering (7th day)
It was also the western Valentine's day but hubby and I never celebrate such overrated commercialized day ever so we went for a gathering with friends instead.
Yee sang

Poon choy

Roasted young chicken

Jade Emperor Celebration (9th day) 
Most happening day of all Chinese New Year. We stopped by Kuan Yin temple for abit. The Jade Emperor celebration takes place at the clan jetty area yearly so to all future tourists, you might wanna be in Penang during celebrations like this. You'll definitely love it.

Tow Boo Kong Temple (斗母宫)
Situated at Raja Uda in Butterworth, this beautiful temple is literally translated as The Nine Emperor Gods Temple. I have longed to visit this temple as it is quite a happening place especially during festivals. Sorry for dressing up like an ahjumma but seriously my outfit was bought during springtime in Korea.

Cap Goh Meh (15th and last day)
We had an impromptu night out and to our amazement there's a huge event going on at the esplanade. I didn't wanna video the fireworks coz I thought I had taken too much fireworks previously but after about 3 minutes, it keeps getting outrageous I can't even. So here go ahead and play the video its damn awesome!

 I didn't make it to the hot air balloon festival this year coz last year was a disappointment.


Last but not least have a blessed and prosperous year of the monkey!

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