Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Review: Heaven Gate Restaurant

Happy 2016, foodies!

Last December I celebrated my birthday at Heaven Gate. It was the 2nd time I celebrated my birthday there. Since it's less than a week before Christmas, the restaurant was filled with Christmas deco. If you are planning to have a romantic dinner with your loved one, Heaven Gate is highly recommended for the special occasion. the place was filled with couples when we dined.

A slightly Roman styled entrance and interior.

Yours truly can't wait for her dinner. Thank you so much hubs!

Assemble of colourful bottles in rainbow sequence at the bar greets you as soon as you enter the dining area.

 Heaven Gate offers a simple menu emphasizing on quality. You are advised to make reservations.

I ordered chef Tasting Menu because it's the highlight of them all. Back in 2013 there was a 4-course meal instead of this 6-course.

 We love this restaurant because price is reasonable and food is satisfying.

Love the white washed romantic setting. Thank you so much to my relative who present me this Aldo clutch just in time for my birthday.

First you will be served with fresh bread and butter.

Seared tuna with soba for amuse bouche. Slightly raw at the center, the tuna goes well with springy soba.

Next is a special starter, foie gras crème brûlée beautifully decorated on black pepper crisp. The cream is so smooth it immediately melts in your mouth. You will also get a hint of foie gras taste.

Another appetizer is deep fried soft shell crab served with quail egg and completed with sesame dressing.

Tomato soup not displayed in the tasting menu. The soup is intensely thick and sourish. I am wondering what the foam is made of. Those white pieces are tofu.

Hubby had hunter chicken from ala carte served with vege, potato cream and smoky chicken juice. The chicken fillet is stuffed and rolled. Very tasty indeed.

Chef tasting menu offers two choices of main course which are air flown salmon or house specialty duck breast. I selected air flown salmon served with broccoli polonaise, dehydrated tomato, potato cream, purple sweet potato, black caviar and hollandaise sauce. I just had the best pan fried salmon cooked to perfection. It's so soft and juicy unlike most salmons I had in my life which are either too dry or too oily.

Our dinner ended with yogurt passion fruit mousse cake. The mousse cake was  slightly sour and fruity,
a prefect dessert to end the night.
Very refreshing to have a sour dessert at the end.

Thanks to the waiter for the lovely service and photo.

This was in 2013. Same table same seating.

Couples couples everywhere! Of course you can bring your friends, family and children too.

Address: 1A, Lebuh King, 10200 Georgetown, Penang.
Contact: 012-488 5979
Business hours: 12pm-12am daily

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