Tuesday, January 5, 2016

5-course Christmas dinner

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I know its too late coz I've been such a sloth lately. I was lazy to get things done since it's the holiday season but anyway I did put some effort in preparing a home cooked 5-course meal for hubby and myself.

My customized Christmas tree devian art on the the napkin. Yeah, I drew that myself.

We came up with the idea of just having a retail roast chicken but in the end all the inspiration came in so I decided to step up and put a little more effort.

Very simple deco only.

Amuse bouche of pesto pasta with seared scallop and tomato bits.

My signature stuffed mushroom starter. Usually my stuffing would be marinated meat but this time is cheese stuffing and it was so damn delicious that hubby said its the best among the 5 course.

Hubby made his yummy signature borscht soup

I made some crème brûlée, longan jelly and parfait the day before.

Also failed Santa mochi and snowman crisps with sweetened cream cheese and peanut butter cup.

Black pepper roast chicken from Ayamas. Very tasty but also very salty. Baked some potato and carrot chunks to complete the meal.

Benji joined us for dinner just like every other day.

Here's a short clip.

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