Sunday, December 20, 2015

Dream Trip to Macau: Day 5

Dear readers,

Finally here's the last day at Macau. Actually there's nothing to blog about Day 5 because we left early for morning flight but there's something important I would like to share with you.

Egg tart is not the main topic here but it's still an important item to bring home before you leave Macau. Trust me you will never find Portuguese egg tarts as creamy and compact as Lord Stow's. I wish someone would bring the franchise to Malaysia.

Rise and shine at 6:30am and packed for almost an hour.

We got down at 7:15am for breakfast at Feast again. They serve different variety everyday.

The best poached egg with hollandaise sauce I've ever had till I took over 4 of them without worrying about cholesterol. The yolk was the bomb. So creamy yet not runny. It's like in a semi solid state. If you wanna try an almost similar texture in Penang, order dry pan mee in Queen's Street foodcourt at Queensbay Mall. Their poached egg is perfectly done.

Sleepy looking...

Hubby checked out at the humongous lobby. If they are satisfied with your room you will get your HKD1000 back.

Reached the airport quite early around 8:40am but a situation left us panicked.

Hubby couldn't find his wallet in the pocket as soon as we wanted to drop our luggage. We got really anxious. Hubby suspected he left his wallet in the cab after paying. A helpful police at the airport assisted us to lodge report. Luckily hubby is able to converse in simple Cantonese. The airport security played back the CCTV to identify number plate and called our hotel. Thank God the cab is specifically for Sheraton only. We waited for about 15 minutes for the cab to arrive and the passenger behind who found hubby's wallet handed over to us. Hubby followed the police to make the found report and finally closed the case.

We would like to give a very very big THANK YOU to Macau Police for their credibility and enforcement.

Our flight to KLIA2 was at 10:45am.

Goodbye have been such a wonderful tourist friendly city.

No entertainment in Air Asia so we slept for the next 4 hours.

First time try this slightly controversial fast food due to its name. Originally founded as Church's Chicken, it now trades outside of North America as Texas Chicken. The fact is the name "Church" is actually the founder's last name. Similarly, the city Christchurch in New Zealand is just a name and nothing more if you get what I mean. So don't get too hyped about all these sensitivity.

Honestly it tastes better than KFC and crispier too but just slightly pricier.

Some of our food haul. Everything is expensive in Macau and some more this is an unexpected trip so we would like to save as much as possible.

Chinese New Year edition Naraya bags for mum.

Must buy almond cookies. They're a tad dry tho.

Mmmmmm...... wish we could buy more but they were so expensive!

It's not a practical outfit to wear in Malaysia but I've been longing for a Liz Lisa in a long time.

This Lolita dress can be very pricey but thanks to the complimentary vouchers I only paid HKD95.

For those of you who wants to skip the above, you can watch this video that summarize it all.
 For full details on itinerary and budget of this trip, please click HERE
Stay tuned for my next trip...I am thinking of Bali!

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