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Dream Trip to Macau: Day 4

Rise and shine!

It's literally the 3rd full day in Macau but the title is Day 4 because Day 1 was flying day.We decided to skip Coloane and just explore Taipa and shopping at Venetian and City of Dreams for the rest of the day. Phew! Yesterday was way too tiring. We walked from Senado Square all the way to Macau Tower but there's so much to see. So be sure to check out Day 3 as I have worked hard to write all information and personal experience in a long but compact post.

This mall replicates exactly like the original Venetian in Las Vegas. Kinda remind me of the fancy mall at Genting too.

We woke up at 7:30am to this gorgeous view of Cotai strip. Spot the "Eiffel tower" in the making. This place is turning into Vegas!

There are 3 clusters of pool for your lazy day out; Sala pool for young and emerging swimmers, Jaya pool for lounging and Tiki pool equipped with private cabanas.

I love my bear so much! Thanks once again to Sheraton Grand Macao.

Just to show you the splendid and tastefully furnished corridor.

Super grand reception hall. I was thinking of tropical Balinese style when I first set my eyes on the extravagant ceiling.

The lobby you will see when you walk in.

You will also be greeted by these whimsical palm trees.

After much exploring the glorious hotel, we settled down for breakfast at Feast around 8:20am. The brownish orange tone represents Earth tower whereas blue tone represents Sky tower.

Read about my review here.

The menus are different throughout my 3-day stay here.

Getting energized for a whole day of shopping.

I love this hotel so much! You should stay here if you ever visit Macau.

We took bus 25X to Taipa Village. The journey was 20 minutes.

We didn't really stop right on Taipa as we loved to take a stroll around the city.

Here it is...Rua Do Cunha where you can find all sorts of Macanese delicacy and souvenirs.

The egg tart wasn't as creamy as Lord Stow's. No one can beat Lord Stow's.

Another must try is the durian ice-cream. Hubby was very skeptical but after he took the first bite he was so in love with this ice-cream. As the saying goes, durian smells like hell but tastes like heaven.

Next we walked all the way back to our hotel while exploring some gardens.

Our Lady of Carmel Church completed at 1885 wow!

I doubt the flowers to be real but apparently they are.

Stumbled upon a random park. This wasn't in our plan and we had no idea about this.

Oh what a view! Wasn't in our plan either.

After I got back home only found out the cluster of houses are Taipa Houses Museum.

The Taipa Houses Museum is a set of 5 old houses displaying various artifacts and exhibits. The houses were built in 1921. These colonial residences were restored to recreate houses of well-off Portuguese families living in Macau during the first half of the 20th century. The last house was restored in 1999.

Ooooh! Wasn't expecting this kind of entrance to city of Dreams. It really surprised me. Guess I didn't do my homework thoroughly which is a good thing.

Hubby said this look like Indian-ish deco.

Exploring the damn awesome mall that connects 3 hotels.

Fulamak! What a way to dazzle up an escalator.

After an hour rest in our room we head on to Bene Italian Kitchen for our complimentary lunch for two. Read the full review here.

I'll just let the picture do the talking so if you want descriptions you can read the review.
After lunch we were in a shopping mode...or more like window shopping mode. Just across the street from our hotel is the magnificent Venetian!

I'll let the pictures do the talking again. Too lazy to type.

Beautiful view from Venetian towards our hotel. Looks like 4 hotels but actually 3 coz Sheraton has 2 towers.

Walked back to our hotel for a short tea break.

The fountain shoots up 2 storeys high in a couple of minutes interval.

Finally tried McD's "lobster" bisque and strawberry sundae pie that you can't get in Malaysia.

Gorgeous evening view of Venetian.

City of Dreams looking even more magical after dark.

I don't get why everyone is so hyped up about Hard Rock. Go anywhere also must visit Hard Rock. So here's a photo. I ain't gonna enter the cafe coz ain't a fan of Hard Rock stuff.

I tell you we spent like 20 minutes here just to wait for the mermaid to appear and snap a good photo wtf.

Goats goats and more goats... it's gonna be monkeys next year.

We went up the 2nd floor to a super hipster area called Soho totally different from downstairs.

Dinner at Shetter, a semi fine dining hipster restaurant that left hubby disappointed not because of the food but because of his empty wallet. I figured since our day was luxurious might as well go all out. The food was great tho.

Rich creamy carbonara with crispy bacon.

Mine was spicy so I exchanged with hubby.

Cheers! It's not often we experience such lavish holiday.

There were interactive games all around to keep you busy.

Going through the fantasy tunnel again.

Be sure to check out final Day 5 for an important message. Goodnight!

For those of you who wants to skip the above, you can watch this video that summarize it all.
 For full details on itinerary and budget of this trip, please click HERE

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