Friday, September 18, 2015

Review: Olive Tree Hotel buffet

Hey foodies!

I ain't really a food blogger but I have my personal reasons to share with you about the buffet I had in a long time. What's so special about the buffet in Olive Tree Hotel, Penang is the Alaskan snow crab. I've had many buffets in Penang but never encounter any that serve snow crab legs however recently it seems like a lot of prominent hotels here serves them. I don't want to mention names of other hotels so you Google yourself.

The buffet is held at Sukkah Coffee House at the 1st floor just above the reception desk.. You can still try their buffet but with normal price of RM88 per person.

 Photo courtesy of his colleague, LimKG. Thank you very much for your help on booking and photos.

My husband's colleague managed to secure a booking for all 10 of us and the date was set on 14th August. It was tough as the buffet sold out quickly. The hotel even called back to inform that there's actually no place available and we either have to change date or cancel completely. So we changed to 21st August. In the end the hotel called back again to apologize for the mistake and reverted back to 14th August.

Dining experience there wasn't a pleasant one either. Due to the buy 1 free 1 promo its expected to be crowded...I mean overcrowded that we had to sit in a function room. Moreover that room was dim as fark and hardly any space to move about.

Majority of the dishes are overly salty.

This went into my eww list. It's too sweet or is glaze carrot supposed to taste like that?

The rice went into my eww list too. I thought it looked like fried rice but it doesn't taste like fried rice nor a briyani or nasi minyak at all. Absolutely no fragrant.

The jiu hu char (fried jicama with shredded cuttlefish) is eww too. My mum and even economy rice stalls cook this a lot better.

The tomato soup is sitting on the fence. If you judge it as a Bolognese sauce it is perfect...just needed some cheese. But for a soup, it's too thick and sour.

Apple chicken soup is one of the three that made it into the yum list. Flavour is just nice with the sweetness and a hint of sour from the green apples added with remedy essence from black chicken.

These cold seafood spread is the target of the day.
The seafood is fresh and replenished quickly. Thumbs up for that.

I am not a regular eater of fresh oysters but I've had at least 5 huge fresh oysters in my life enough to know how its suppose to smell and taste. However just as I popped their raw oyster (with lemon juice) into my mouth I had to immediately barf it out. Can't stand the muddy smell. Everyone in our table also agree that the oysters stink.

Abundant spread of amuse-bouche.

Some cold cuts served delicately in cute portions.
Nobody bothers the cheese platter.

Chefs working hard at the hot plate corner.

Here are some of the desserts. So pretty right?

Chocolate fountain never fails to be in my yum list.

Apple crumble made into the yum list. I love the topping.

Lastly there's an ice-cream counter and two coffee machine.

Round 1...

He really enjoyed extracting the crab meat for me. Thanks, hubs.

Right after this shot I popped the oyster into my mouth and immediately spewed it out.

Round 2... ding!

Look, I'm Wolverine!

Round 3...ding!

Final round was dessert. They tasted better than the savoury dishes.

Recommended to try? Yes. Come again? Well, why not but I'll skip.

Didn't take much pictures of the lobby and lounge. 

A transparent swimming pool at dunno which floor. Photo taken by my hubby's colleague coz we went home already. LimKG, pinjam ya!

I have something to say about the multi level carpark. The premise certainly lack of space. Lanes in the carpark are squarish and not circular. As you come down from the multi storey carpark, there is a turning so narrow like a 360° U-turn that you have to make 3-point-turn in order to get out. Just park there and you will experience it for yourself.

Will ai come again? Definitely NO. For you readers, you are free to try and if you feel it's good let me know. I wanna know if they have improved.

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