Friday, September 18, 2015

Logos Hope World Largest Floating Book Fair

Hello bookworms,

Last week I went to Logos Hope Book Fair at Swetteham Pier Cruise Terminal. The special feature about this book fair is it is the world’s largest floating book fair and probably one of its kind. My husband and I went for a short visit on the weekends and it was a fun one. Love the ice-cream.

Logos Hope is back in Penang from 3rd to 28th September 2015 for the second time before heading to Africa.

We went on a hazy Sunday afternoon around 5pm. We saw a navy ship and decided to pose lol.
You can check out the upcoming destinations here. Next docking will be at Yangon, Myanmar in October. Logos Hope started life in Rendsburg, Germany in 1973 as the car ferry Gustav Vasa with the company Lion Ferry AB.  In 1983 it was sold to the Faroese ferry company Smyril Line, and renamed Norröna. GBA Ships purchased it in 2004. In 2007 crew and equipment were transferred from Logos II which is the ship that the current Logos Hope replaced. Logos Hope launched into service in February 2009.

Total entrance fee is only RM2 per person: RM1 for port rental and another RM1 for ship entrance. Entrance for children below 12 is free. Opening hours are Tuesday to Saturday (10.00 am – 9.30 pm) and Sunday (2.00 pm – 9.30 pm). Closed on Mondays. By the way it is wheelchair friendly to move about as I saw volunteers helped the disabled into the cruise.

As soon as we entered into the cruise, we were briefed or about only 2 minutes o some intro, floor plan and other important stuff. I heard these crew members are volunteers and they do it for charity. this ship is able to hold up to 800 visitors at a time.

With over 400 crew members from all over the world, Logos Hope opens to public and especially to kids because there are interactive activities in store for them. The ship offers a selection of over 5,000 books that cover a range of subjects from science to sports and hobbies at affordable prices.

Currency on the ship is in units. 100 unit = RM10.

Logos Hope is a missionary ship but they don’t preach. You might find most of the books are Christian related but their main purpose is education.

I'm interested in beauty.

Hubby is interested in magic.

After the cashier, you will see a visual presentation called the Journey of Life.

It is very educational and easy for your kids to understand.

Say no to gambling, alcohol, drugs, smoking, adultery...

The end of the pop up animation.

As you come out from the visual presentation, you will see a lounge on your left that has volunteers to d activities with kids. As you can see in this picture there is a corner for toddlers in the cafe. No wonder there's a strong popcorn smell as we boarded the ship. Seriously, with the carpeted stairs it felt like a cinema.

The ice-cream is RM5 per cone. Not so creamy but very filling.

It's almost 8pm when we came out.

We had an impromptu dinner at My Voice Cafe & Studio in Logan Heritage.

This is the second time we ate the big bowl ramen. First time was at Bay Avenue. We had spicy kimchi ramen. Nothing special except for the huge bowl.

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