Thursday, May 23, 2013

Phuket & Krabi with Superstar Libra: Day 3 & 4

Good morning again. It's day 3 of our cruise trip.

I will blog about day 3 and 4 together because the last day is not much but just wake up, sunrise, breakfast, go to lounge to collect passport then landed back in Penang.

Before I proceed, I would like to announce that we received this invitation to dine with the captain on our doorstep last night. Cool or what! We were so excited to get to dine with the captain as well as his staffs after our Krabi tour.

 Back to the story. In the morning, hubby sneaked out early to shoot some Miss Astro contestants doing rehearsal. Lame!

 Gathered at lounge again after breakfast for briefing. This time we were going to land on Krabi.

The tour for today includes a nature forest reserve, Thai course meal lunch, tiger cave temple, Krabi town and fossil beach.

 We were greeted by this black cat. The sky was beautiful that day. No rain detected.

Welcome to Tarnboke Koranee National Park

I ain't much of a nature lover especially when it comes to forest so this place didn't appeal to me. I prefer urban cities. Don't hate me!

Acting silly.
Ewww...muddy river.

The water was so filthy.

Yes, bon voyage to the unpleasant national park.

 It's lunchtime! This restaurant is equally as huge as the day before and it is tropical rainforest themed.

As usual we sat with some strangers so we did not take picture of the food but the dishes were very tasty and the Thai fragrant rice was the best rice I have ever had in my life and still craving for it today.

The restaurant even has a gift store.
Awesome place isn't it?

 Next destination was the Tiger Cave temple.

 These tiger and dragon temple were still under construction. Maybe by the time I'm blogging now they have completed.

 Posing in front of a shrine.
Rawr...pulling the tiger's tail.

 Look like Indian gods.

 This temple looks very China-ish with a Kuan Yin. Truly multicultural place.

A view inside the temple cave.

Let's go up to the cave.

You will see a tiger statue with offerings in one corner. There's more high up but as we go deeper the cave become narrower and it's hard to move about so we stopped here.

Next, we were taken to Krabi town. Very small town indeed like a cowboy town. We had sundae at Swensen's and walked around the mall or shall I call it a mart where our bus dropped us. I also bought a pretty hair clip for my dog. Yeah, he is a boy but he wears hair clips and ribbons.

 Auntie selling egg by the roadside. Wondering if it's like balut in the Philippines.

We walked and walked and saw an empty lane leading to this just across the street.

Enchanting discovery!

Really beautiful place but there wasn't anyone around. Hubby wanted to go in but I told him the gate was closed and it really looked creepy. If you were there you will feel goosebumps. He insisted he saw some people opened the gate and went in but I did not see anyone. Scary!

You are indeed the most beautiful white temple I have ever seen but it's so creepy like a gingerbread candy house appearing in the middle of the woods and what's weird is such beautiful place has no visitors!

 Okay enough of scary moments, our last stop is the fossil beach, a beach full of shell and coral fossils dated few thousand years.

 The beach is not the usual sandy beach but harden rocks and you can see they are breaking apart.

 Okay it's time to go...bon voyage!

 As promised, here is the dinner with the captain of the cruise. How lucky is that!

 Hehe...feels so good to be VIPs. It's not very often we get invited for we are not some rich and famous.

For appetizer, the captain who sat just beside me challenged me to try escargot because I never dare eating a snail in my whole life. But this has changed I am an escargot lover and whichever restaurant I go that serves escargot you'll see me ordering them.

 For main course I ordered steak. Our names on the table feel so atas lor coz the rest of the cruise didn't get this treatment.

 The most delicious meal was the dessert! Can anyone tell me where to find this type of dessert in Penang? I've been craving for this.

 Cake presentation. Other guests on this cruise had different meals and dessert. Grin!

 A picture with the staff engineer.

A picture with the staff captain, Thomas Larsen. We had a great chat that night about his years of experience, which country is he from and currently based, how does he get to spend time with family and so on. After our grand last dinner, we went up to our cabin to shower and change because earlier we bought tickets to see so called "adult" show. But instead of wearing something fancy I wore my pajamas thinking it would be dark and I would just be sitting and nobody will notice.

Since no photos allowed, here are the photos of Stardust Lounge taken from First show was lingerie show by the cabin crew. Not sexy though, more like decent pajamas show. Followed by belly dance, salsa dance, magic show, ah kua show performed by 2 staff members. The funny part was when they called for 5 couple volunteers I spontaneously raised my hand without hesitation thinking ah, they won't pick me. But consider lucky or not they picked us as the last volunteer and I forgot that I was in my pajamas! Hubby was kind of reluctant because he's the laid back type. We played all sorts of games, hubby got played around by ah kua and we had to do stunts like sitting on him, dancing, carrying me until he decided to surrender and eliminate ourselves from the game. But I didn't wanna quit, I was game for it because we were almost there. So another couple got the trophy. It was a fun night though. If given the chance I would like to go on this cruise again.

I suggest to all of you, if you are planning for a cruise trip do take a destination trip of more than 2 nights instead of the 1 night cruise and you will feel the difference.

Amazing Thailand stops here and let Taiwan touch your hear in the next post....


  1. Hi, Love your Libra cruise post! Wanna ask, how much is the separate Krabi & Phuket ground tour costs you & your husband? Meaning that, there is no necessary for me to buy the land tour in advance before boarding the cruise right? The invitation to dine in with captain is by lucky draw or everybody gets to be invite? I was looking for 1 night package, luckily I saw your post & with no hesitate, I'll get 4D3N/ 3D2N for sure! :D

    1. Hi J Wu, each tour on land is about RM150-200 but u can choose not to buy and go free & easy. We chatted for a long time at the reception counter then they told us the captain will dine with some guests for last day dinner and usually pick couples so asked if we would like to join and we gladly accepted :)


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